All They are Saying is Crypto Gives Peace a Chance: Meet

The latest episode of Milk, the podcast, brought together all three members of, a project with the principal focus of gaining adoption for peer-to-peer, decentralized money especially among women. Meet Emily Rose Dallara, Akane Yokoo, and Tammy Joo as they discuss the process of onboarding and the crypto scenes in Japan, Vietnam, and Philippines.

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Right away, listeners learn these women are not victims. Not even a little. Each one is accomplished in her field, working hard on promoting permissionless electronic cash such as BCH.

All They are Saying is Crypto Gives Peace a Chance: Meet

Still, they understand women are few and far between in the space, and that’s a problem in the very capitalistic, business sense. Markets are being missed. Money is left on the table. is their answer. They’re starting with jewelry and tangible things, selling conversation pieces you can hold.

Listeners get a real sense of what is happening in crypto’s Mecca, East Asia, specifically in Manila, Tokyo, and Saigon.

Akane Yokoo

Yokoo has been involved in crypto since 2013, and encountered bitcoin (BTC) while organizing events at a very popular venue in Tokyo, the Pink Cow. It was the first establishment of its kind to accept crypto in all of Japan.

All They are Saying is Crypto Gives Peace a Chance: Meet

It was such a new phenomenon, regional media took notice, and she was thrust into having to talk about crypto and learn rather quickly about this exciting and very different technology. She admits to not coming from a tech background (she’s a painter and dancer), Akane Yokoo also stresses how she enjoys learning not just about the mechanics of decentralized money but also the economics of it and how governments can impede its success.

She has been organizing Bitcoin Cash (BCH) meetups in Tokyo for about a year, counting as her earlier influences Ken Shishido, Roger Ver, Aaron Gutman and Juro Kurosawa. Yokoo is passionate about global adoption, and really feels there is no time to waste.

Tammy Joo

Joo is originally from Korea, and now works from Manila, Philippines. She’s a world traveler, and first got into crypto will employed at a coffee shop in San Francisco. From there, down the rabbit hole she went.

All They are Saying is Crypto Gives Peace a Chance: Meet

Her advocacy for digital cash means pushing very hard to get the concept out there in major cities such as Manila. She was been instrumental in coordinating sponsorship deals and general advertisement of BCH all over and in different capacities, including with a college basketball team.

She’s also leery of government KYC rules and the odd bargain exchanges make when all anyone really needs to do is just download a wallet, buy some BCH, and get going. She also understands exchanges serve a purpose, however. Her current goal is to open the first crypto cafe in Manila.

Emily Rose Dallara

Dallara is a UK expat living and working in Vietnam. She describes herself as a hippie and the kind of person who has always had a rebellious streak. One thing is for sure, Dallara never slows down.

All They are Saying is Crypto Gives Peace a Chance: Meet

Her expertise is in marketing, getting the word out about companies and products, and she found crypto through its first use case, Silk Road. It was a friend’s navigation of the site where Dallara heard of this strange, new thing, Bitcoin. From there, she has been working in one capacity or another to bring about her eventual goal, global adoption of crypto.

She lends a considerable amount of hustle to crypto, the kind of go-getter-ness so badly needed in the space. That probably comes from paying her dues while growing businesses as diverse as fish and chips shops, street food concepts, all the way to IT and communications companies. She’s was also a prolific travel blogger.

Dallara (marketing), Yokoo (community organizing), and Joo (operations) plan to expand in the coming year, starting with a website redesign. They’re going to emphasize the jewelry aspect a little less, and redirect everything they do toward global crypto adoption.

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