Among the Crypto Ruin and Devastation, You Need An Edge

Among the Crypto Ruin and Devastation, You Need and Edge

The cryptocurrency market is in tailspin: major projects are folding, prices are tanking, folks are losing their jobs by the boatload. It’s a unique time for many in the space, and everyone is looking less for bomb-throwers and more for sane, solid analysis. Paul Puey, CEO of Edge Wallet, is the exact right guy to give you the straight view among crypto ruin and devastation. He’s guest for a fantastic episode of Milk, ‘s flagship podcast. 

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Paul Puey is the Edge You Need During Crypto Ruin and Devastation

Edge Wallet is one of those projects everyone in the space admires. Hardly a bad word is said about it in an ecosystem known for its haters. Part of that is due to its CEO, Paul Puey.

He is a fantastic ambassador for cryptocurrency. He’s level-headed, focused, and reasonable. And during a decidedly awful time for our universe, he’s exactly what we need at this moment.

Among the Crypto Ruin and Devastation, You Need and Edge

We discuss the current state of things, his thoughts, and what it might be like going forward. He has a lot of wisdom, and listeners will get a sense of where Puey is coming from, his worldview, and how he evaluates drops of the kind newer folks to crypto have never witnessed.

Puey is focused on expanding the usable side of crypto while making it ever-more secure. That’s everything to those who believe in mediums of exchange on the decentralized, digital level.

He’s also a pretty great interview.

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