Home News Andreas Antonopoulos Calls Out Bitcoin Co-Founder Claimant: Liar, Scammer, Fraud

Andreas Antonopoulos Calls Out Bitcoin Co-Founder Claimant: Liar, Scammer, Fraud

TL;DR: Bitcoin evangelist pioneer Andreas Antonopoulos blasted a personality named “Jörg Molt” for apparently touting a picture of the two as evidence of Molt’s cryptocurrency ecosystem credibility. Antonopoulos insisted he has no association with the man, and went on to refer to Molt in various capacities as a liar, scammer, and fraud. It turns out, Molt has made a long list of enemies. “If you try to use my reputation to boost yours fraudulently, I will use my reputation to reveal your fraud,” Antonopoulos raged.

Andreas Antonopoulos Calls Out Bitcoin Co-Founder Claimant

“Apparently,” Antonopoulos posted today, “a German person called ‘Jorg Molt’ has been showing a selfie taken with me and telling people that we are friends. This is a LIE. I don’t know him at all. I have heard from others that he claims to be the founder of Bitcoin and has thousands of BTC. A LIE.”

Andreas Antonopoulos is arguably the most well-known and respected Bitcoin evangelist in the world. His many books and lectures are often cited as red pilling thousands into the rabbit hole, wildcat world of cryptocurrency. His integrity is highly-regarded in the industry, and it’s rare Antonopoulos lashes out after a person so directly, vehemently. It goes to show how unnerved he was about a perceived connection to Molt, as Antonopoulos reposted his warning in at least two other languages, encouraging his followers to retweet.

“If you are a conference organizer, you need to be very skeptical of these claims and avoid putting people like this on stage,” Antonopoulos continued. “If you are approached by Jorg Molt and told he is my friend, or shown other photos to create fake association, walk away. Then warn others. If you are asked to invest or give Jorg Molt money, be very very careful. This person has lied before and will likely be lying to you again. There are many SCAMMERS in this space – always be skeptical about claims made by strangers. Many of the people who have read my books or attended a university course or seminar where I teach, want to take a photo. I always say yes. It doesn’t mean I know them. I will not stop taking photos with my readers and students because of a few scammers taking advantage.”

It has not been a good couple of days for the “Jörg Molt” brand, to put mildly. Molt was confronted by Kenneth Bosak, for example, at the recent World Crypto Con in Las Vegas, and the video went viral (see above). There’s even an entire website dedicated to documenting Molt, The truth about Nakamolto aka Scammer Jörg Molt aka Jörg Örtl. As of publication time, Molt has not responded.

Andreas Antonopoulos

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