Andreas Antonopoulos Releases Event Contract on CoinSpice Booth Babes Thread

Andreas Antonopoulos Releases Event Contract on CoinSpice Booth Babes Thread

TL;DR: Longtime and very popular cryptocurrency advocate Andreas Antonopoulos responded recently to a CoinSpice and Chill podcast episode, clarifying his position on so-called Booth Babes. They’re the eye candy frequently used at conferences of all kinds, but have been a source of debate after recent tweets by Antonopoulos’ questioning of their relevance to the crypto space. He insisted he’s had a contractual ban for half a decade on their presence in conferences where he speaks. He was asked to produce his contract open source, and, not longer after, Antonopoulos did exactly that.     

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Andreas Antonopoulos Releases Event Contract on CoinSpice Booth Babes Thread

“Clarification,” Antonopoulos posted to a CoinSpice thread promoting an episode of its new show, CoinSpice and Chill, discussing booth babes. “I made a pledge in 2014 to only attend and speak at conferences that: a) Actively pursue diversity, b) Have, publish and enforce a code of conduct, c) Do not allow booth babes or inappropriate venues for official networking/party events. In 2014, not recently,” he emphasized.

Andreas Antonopoulos Releases Event Contract on CoinSpice Booth Babes Thread

In the podcast episode, hosts debated finer points of what they assumed was an Antonopoulos recent reaction to the phenomenon — it turns out, not by a long shot. CoinSpice reported on a recent dustup catching the crypto philosopher’s eye, sparking the initial debate about sexism and women in the space.

However, responding to the podcast post on Twitter, he acknowledged how both his “pledge in 2014 and my recent tweet are intended to spark discussion and get more speakers and conferences to commit to a similar pledge.” A commenter on the CoinSpice thread then asked of Antonopoulos, “Were you able to open source your contract yet?”

Open Source

Antonopoulos responded, “Not yet, working on it. Should be available next week. I’m trying to release the most recent version and it needed some edits. It’s in legal review now…” Hours later, he made good on his promise, linking to an open source version of his contract on Google Docs.

Andreas Antonopoulos Releases Event Contract on CoinSpice Booth Babes Thread

Titled, “Antonopoulos Speaking Agreement Template – Community Event,” it appears to be his way of offering not only transparency but a means for others concerned with the issue to perhaps follow. Indeed, the preface states, “The following speaking agreement template is intended as a guide, to help you negotiate speaking terms with others. Be sure you customize it for your event and for your jurisdiction. Consult with an attorney to ensure your customized contract has terms that will adequately protect you.”

The language seems standard as such things go, but it does give some insight into what becoming a crypto celebrity means. Antonopoulos tops most influencer lists, and so he’s careful to guard that image when associating with a group.  “The Speaker is not an attorney, investment advisor, or financial advisor,” the contract specifies, for example. “The Organization understands and agrees that the Speaker’s opinions belong to the Speaker only and will not be marketed, promoted, or distributed, in whole or in part, as legal, investment, or financial advice.”

E.g. No “Booth Babes”

To be sure what he says, and how it is ultimately presented, stays true to his vision, the agreement insists, “Editorial Control: SpeakerCompany reserves complete editorial control over the title, content, and format of the presentation within the allotted time.” And, considering how topics such as subverting the entire monetary system as humans have known it might fall on the tad controversial side, Antonopoulos has a clause stressing, “Security: The Organization shall not publicly share Speaker’s arrival date, arrival time, departure date, departure time, hotel name, hotel location, or the identity of Speaker’s traveling partners.”

Andreas Antonopoulos Releases Event Contract on CoinSpice Booth Babes Thread

Under conduct, his contract sets out a very specific statement organizers are to not only agree with but publish and enforce, concerning how organizers are “dedicated to providing a harassment-free conference experience for everyone [, regardless of gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, or religion [insert any other specific concerns here]],” and includes a remedy in case infractions occur.

And just before linking to his own conduct policy, the agreement stresses training of event staff “on how to enforce the policy, including where and how people can report possible violations of the policy,” making sure organizers agree “all official Event gatherings will be appropriate for professional networking, for example no strip clubs, no exotic dancing, no pool parties and the Organization shall require sponsors, vendors, and exhibitors to be dressed appropriately for a professional event (e.g. no ‘booth babes’).”

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