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Bitcoin PAC for Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang, Grayscale’s Coinbase Custody, LTC Dev Fund

TL;DR: Welcome to In Case You Missed It (ICYMI), a daily crypto news update. A Super PAC dedicated to Andrew Yang will accept bitcoin. Grayscale chooses Coinbase Custody as new provider. Litecoin calls for donations to a development fund. Facebook and Instagram experience new outages. Gab Telegram channel banned from Apple devices, and 73% of Travala’s payments were made with crypto during July.

Andrew Yang Super PAC to Accept Bitcoin Donations

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A Super PAC (Politic Action Committee) launched by a group of cryptocurrency fans of Andrew Yang, Humanity Forward Fund (HFF), could be the first of its kind. HFF will use OpenNode to process bitcoin and lightning network donations for 21 days. Andrew Yang has voiced his concerns about the unclear crypto regulations in the US, and has called to clarify how this new asset class will be regulated.

Grayscale Switches to Coinbase Custody

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Grayscale, one of the biggest crypto assets managers, changed its custody provider from Xapo to Coinbase Custody, an arm of the exchange that offers crypto safeguarding options to institutional customers. Coinbase Custody will hold and protect $2.7 billion in assets for Grayscale for three years, according to the contract signed, and will collect an undisclosed percentage of the price of the assets under custody.

Litecoin Calls for Donations to Fund Privacy Initiative

The Litecoin Foundation, the organization behind LTC, established a donation wallet address to contribute to the development of new features like private transactions, hoping to bring more privacy and anonymity to their blockchain. According to a blog post, “these areas require highly skilled developers and product designers. Of course, securing this talent has costs associated with it.” However, the Fund is being questioned as to its sincerity since the Foundation has be more focused on marketing efforts in the recent past rather than development.

Facebook Faces Yet Another Outage

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Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp users reported another outage on these platforms that led to different problems. Some Facebook users reported being unable to log-in to their accounts, with videos not playing or displaying at all. Instagram users took the worst part because most of the stories and pictures weren’t displaying at all. The cause of the outage has not been disclosed.

Gab Social Media Telegram Channel Banned From Apple Devices

The Telegram channel of Gab, a controversial free speech social media platform, has been banned from Apple and Microsoft devices, according to a Twitter thread from their official account. Gab argued that: “Apple and Google ping Telegram and say: ban these people from our devices or your app gets pulled. They do so.” Despite the ban, they declared that “telegram does great work for freedom and privacy. They went up against the Russian government,” praising the previous actions of the alternative and encrypted messaging platform.

73% of Travala’s Purchases Were Paid With Cryptocurrency

Travala, an online travel agency, released its July 2019 monthly report, revealing interesting statistics. They experienced a growth of 18.8% month-to-month, booking 833 rooms during that period. Most of these services (73%) were paid with crypto, with bitcoin the most used option (25%), followed by their native token, AVA, with 17%.

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