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Australia’s Bitcoin Cash City to Host Historic Conference

TL;DR: The Bitcoin Cash City Conference has been announced for September 4th through 5th, 2019 in North Queensland, Australia. Well-over a dozen speakers are scheduled, ranging from lead developers to entrepreneurs, who will gather at a critical time in cryptocurrency history. Attendees have the opportunity to not only learn more about the future of global, permissionless money, but also experience its uses first hand at local area merchants.   

Bitcoin Cash City Conference Announced for Eary Fall of 2019

“The time for global permissionless money is now. Come build the foundations with us at Bitcoin Cash City,” goes the promotional language used by organizers. And, indeed, often lacking at most cryptocurrency-related conferences is the currency aspect. Speakers and attendees are usually hyper-focused on speculative price, … and shilling their respective initial coin offerings (ICOs) of course.

Speculation is important, and ICOs serve a purpose, but the “go” of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is its many use cases. It can and should be used. Sitting around and talking about how wonderful it would be, one day, at some distant point in the future, to have cryptocurrency as an option in the buying and selling of goods and services is also a version of wasting precious time.

The Bitcoin Cash City Conference potentially changes all of that. From booking transportation to the event, to getting clothes cleaned, having a meal, or taking a side-trip once in Townsville, Australia (where the conference will be held) serves to show BCH’s power right now. No more salon talk. No more empty debates.

Theory and Practice

While attendees enjoy their vacation, they will be treated to some of the ecosystem’s brightest minds. Lead developer Amaury Séchet will no doubt have the attention of everyone, especially as an upgrade would be just weeks away. Josh Ellithorpe, more recently of CashShuffle fame, can answer questions about BCH’s tendency toward greater transaction privacy. CoinText’s Vin Armani can literally talk about anything, and his stripped-down, SMS texting service has become a real game-changer for fans of p2p digital cash.

Bitcoin Cash City Conference
Quayside Terminal breezeway

The conference venue is the Quayside Terminal, located on the waterfront at the Port of Townsville, offering views Cleveland Bay, Magnetic Island, Castle Hill, and the city proper. There, visitors are short distances from the Strand esplanade, with a pier and water park, the Reef HQ Aquarium with marine life and coral from the Great Barrier Reef, the Billabong Sanctuary for wildlife (home to koalas, wombats, crocodiles), and more.

Ticket prices are competitive and vary based on the experience desired. Basic packages include all talks, exhibitions, photozone, and refreshments (light food and drinks). A VIP ticket nabs attendees the basics plus fast track registration, an After Party Access Pass, and the choice of participating in a developer workshop (Sept 6th). The Bitcoin Cash Experience includes a VIP ticket, priority seating, Bitcoin Cash car airport pick-up, and a 30 min BCH Helicopter Scenic Tour on conference days.


DISCLOSURE: The author holds cryptocurrency as part of his financial portfolio, including BCH. 

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