Author of the Bitcoin Cash IFP Vows to Vote Against It, Using Personal Hash in Opposition

TL;DR: Author of the controversial Infrastructure Funding Plan for Bitcoin Cash (IFP), BTC.TOP mining pool founder Jiang Zhuoer, announced his intentions to vote against the proposal he first floated back in late January. The IFP galvanized the community, exposing lingering riffs, exacerbating personality conflicts, threatening to split the project once again.   

Author of the Bitcoin Cash IFP Vows to Vote Against It

According to China-based journalist Cindy Wang, “Jiang Zhuoer said in an AMA held by tonight that IFP will be not implemented as it’s confronted with great community opposition,” citing notable opposition from the likes of Executive Chairman Roger Ver. Zhuoer, Wang continued, “will use his personal hashrate to vote No in case somebody wants to activate IFP.”

At press time, Wang also posted her scoop to the popular subreddit, r/btc. Comments in response to Zhuoer’s change of heart seem to be of a grateful tone. Signs the IFP was doomed appeared almost immediately after its proposal and Zhuoer’s subsequent AMA. Reaction then revealed a community perplexed by the IFP’s coming seemingly out of nowhere (though sympathetic to its stated goal of supporting protocol developers), outrage at its 12.5% redirection of the BCH coinbase block rewards to an ill-defined Hong Kong corporation, and bewilderment at the then-thought complicity of Ver, Jihan Wu of Bitmain, and Haipo Yang of ViaBTC.

Zhuoer would later revise his IFP idea, casting the block reward redirection downward toward a more palpable 5%, noting community opposition and assuring dissenting voices would have their say before anything was formally decided. The lead reference Bitcoin Cash implementation client, Bitcoin ABC, further revised the IFP, coding it into the May 15, 2020 scheduled upgrade and including white-listed addresses to itself, BCHD, Electron Cash, and a General Fund. The first developer meeting post-IFP controversies found ABC lead developer Amaury Séchet defending the IFP and its inclusion in the nearing upgrade to be a mere option requested by the likes of Zhuoer.

The goings-on, back and forth machinations buoyed IFP opposition. Once tentative backers, such as, came out against it and well-respective developers also voiced their disapproval. The result so far has been two-fold: alternative ways of funding not hardcoded into the Bitcoin Cash protocol are being worked on, and a competing reference client, the Bitcoin Cash Node, is in quick development hoping to replace ABC altogether.


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