AVA Labs Avalanche (AVAX) Token Sale Borked: Rescheduled for July 15, 2020, 10am EST

TL;DR: “Well, that’s not how we were hoping this would go,” Emin Gün Sirer, CEO of Brooklyn-based AVA Labs tweeted regarding the Avalanche (AVAX) token sale, scheduled for earlier today. “The AVAX sale saw record-breaking demand. Unfortunately, a coordinated and highly-sophisticated DDOS attack derailed Tokensoft’s systems that were handling the sale,” Sirer explained. 

AVA Labs Avalanche (AVAX) Token Sale Borked

“Despite protective measures,” the official Avalance account reiterated, “@TokensoftInc our tech partner received attacks and had to halt servers. Due to this, we are officially postponing the sale by 1 WEEK, to July 15th at 10:00 AM ET. PLEASE BE AWARE OF SCAMS. NO $AVAX TOKENS HAVE BEEN SOLD.” A potential AVAX investor told CoinSpice on condition of anonymity, “Site borked July 8th 9:40am ET and didn’t come back until over an hour later. In that time, it was a constant battle between 504’s, 404’s, and time outs with no resulting message.”

The anon investor’s use of “borked” is to place blame on the team’s unreadiness or lack of dotting I’s and crossing T’s. The AVAX team contends its token sale partner was simply not ready. Whatever the case, clearly at least one fundamental aspect of the rollout was not ready. “It’s pretty easy to Cloudflare,” the investor shot back. “Also, the site has absolutely no captcha anywhere, lol. Amateur hour.”

Earlier in the morning prior to the sale proper, Avalanche Telegram users began to notice, “Takes [forever] to refresh at the moment,” posted Nikita Vdovin, while member Freshman agreed, “server overload.” Minutes later, AVA Labs co-founder and COO/Chief Protocol Architect Kevin Sekniqi, demanded, “PAGE IS BEING UPDATED. PLEASE DO NOT REFRESH. WE ARE TEMPORARILY MUTING CHANNEL. IF YOU REFRESH, YOU WILL ONLY HURT YOURSELVES. DO NOT REFRESH UNTIL 10AM.” Marketing General Manager Nicolas Lemaitre then urged, “10 a.m sharp not before, or you will delay your queue. Friendly advice.”

Sekniqi continued to press upon Avalanche Telegram members, “EVERYONE: WE ARE SEEING [ENORMOUS] TRAFFIC. PLEASE BE PATIENT.” An hour or so after the AVAX token sale was seemingly off at least for the moment, he stressed, “REPEAT: There are only two providers that are typically recommended, and that is Tokensoft and Coinlist. Tokensoft (who we are using) assured us that the load was going to be handled according to past sales. Clearly, this was not the case, and Tokensoft got entirely [blind-sighted].” As of press time, Tokensoft has not released a public statement on the matter.

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