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Chainalysis Reports on Bitcoin Mixing, Bakkt Bitcoin Storage, Coinbase: Crypto Education Demand

TL;DR: Welcome to In Case You Missed It (ICYMI), a daily crypto news update. Bakkt opens bitcoin secure storage prior to launch. Coinbase reports growing interest in cryptocurrency courses. Chainalysis states most coins are mixed for personal privacy reasons. Uphold to list 15 cryptocurrencies in 15 days. Avast and French Cybercrime center dismantle Retadup malware botnet, and next Korean regulator chairman will maintain current crypto policies.

Bakkt to Offer Secure Bitcoin Storage for September Launch

Bakkt, the institution that will be offering physically settled bitcoin futures, is preparing for their launch by also offering secure storage of bitcoin to customers. On September 6 Bakkt will open their vaults to start storing the bitcoin that will be used in the contracts. After being hyped for some time, Bakkt claims they will launch by September 23 after a round of delays related to regulatory problems with CFTC.

Coinbase Reports Student Interest in Crypto Courses is at Record Levels


Coinbase found interest in blockchain and cryptocurrency courses has reached peak levels since last year. The report, “The 2019 Leaders in Crypto Education,” encountered 56% of the world’s top 50 universities offer some kind of cryptocurrency or blockchain-related course. Also, the composition of people attending these courses has changed, with 70% of the courses being run through law, humanities, and economic departments, and just 30% in computers science-related ones.

Chainalysis Found Most Mixed Bitcoin are Used for Personal Privacy Purposes


Chainalysis, a well known cryptocurrency research company, found most cryptocurrency mixing is used for personal privacy purposes with just a little percentage coming from illicit sources. During a webinar titled, “Cryptocurrency Typologies: What You Should Know About Who’s Who on the Blockchains,” Chainalysis’ Hannah Curtis explained that “a lot of people are using mixers just for personal privacy.” Just 8.1% of the coins mixed being resulted from illicit actions. However, most stolen coins are indeed being mixed.

Uphold Starts 15 Days of Crypto Listings


Uphold, a US based cryptocurrency investment platform, is adding 15 new cryptocurrencies to its platform during the next 15 days. But to make things spicier, and to thank their userbase for the first $5 billion transacted, they are also running a contest asking users to guess as to what cryptocurrency will be added next based on a simple clue. The winners will get $50 dollars in the form of the cryptocurrency they guessed correctly.

Avast and French Police Dismantle 850K PC Monero Mining Botnet

Avast, an antivirus and internet security company, and the French Cybercrime Fighting Center (C3N) successfully took down Retadup, a malware that infected more than 850K PCs with a Monero mining payload. The French Cybercrime Fighting Center replaced the information on one of the servers of the botnet with a disinfection program, and when the bots connected to the server to update their information, they were commanded to stop mining, and shut down operations. The malware operated in Latin American countries mostly.

Next Head of Korean Finance Regulator Will Continue Current Crypto Stance

Eun Sung-soo, the nominee to be the next chairman of the Financial Services Commission (SFC), Korea’s financial regulator, will maintain Korea’s current regulatory stance towards cryptocurrency and exchanges. Sung-soo stated in his first written communication to the media that “incorporating virtual currency into institutional finance may cause side effects such as recurring speculative fever and money laundering issues.”

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