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Bank of Japan Warning, Hayes vs. Roubini Footage, Spiderman Mocks BTC Volatility

TL;DR: Welcome to In Case You Missed It (ICYMI), a daily crypto news update. Bank of Japan declared central bank digital currencies could result in cash elimination. Hayes vs. Roubini debate teaser footage released. Spiderman animated film mocks BTC volatility. Tether holds a monopoly on the stablecoin market. Wasabi wallet developer recognizes BTC privacy features are a “hack,” and FLEX SLP token launched as a fee currency on CoinFLEX.

Bank of Japan: Central Bank Digital Currency Adoption Could Eliminate Cash

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Masayoshi Amamiya, Bank of Japan governor, recently denied the intention of using central bank digital currencies as financial tools to exert negative interest rate policies. According to the Bank of Japan, the only way of applying this solution would be to dismiss cash, because then people would want to take refuge in it to not be charged interest just by holding these currencies. Also, the introduction of digital bank-backed cryptocurrencies would pit central banks and private banks in the same tier, something he believes would cause instability.

Hayes vs Roubini Debate Teaser Footage Released

After having been accused by Nouriel Roubini of being “the biggest asshole, jerk, manipulator and criminal in the world” for sending edited parts of the debate they held in Taipei, Arthur Hayes, CEO of BitMEX, released teaser footage of the “Tangle in Taipei.” While only quick impressions can be seen in the video, the tweet hints more is coming.

Spiderman Animated Film Features Bitcoin Volatility

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Bitcoin volatility has been an important part of what cryptocurrencies are today, and the latest Spiderman animated film takes advantage of it to give a wink at the crypto savvy part of the franchise’s audience. In a news scroll where the death of Spiderman in announced, a marquee displays that bitcoin had hit a new high, and just after it, it informs bitcoin had reached a new low, obviously mocking the instability of the market price.

Tether Holds 99% of Stablecoin Volume

Tether holds almost 99% of the stablecoin market on all cryptocurrency exchanges, even after the whole Bitfinex loan incident that caused companies to be sued by the Attorney General of New York. Each day, more than 22 billion USDT change hands to support the growth of the cryptocurrency ecosystem, a number constantly increasing due to new emission of tokens by Tether.

Wasabi Wallet Dev Recognizes BTC Privacy Features are a “Hack”

Answering to a tweet undermining the importance of privacy coins like Monero, and comparing them with their wallet, Adam Ficsor, known in internet circles as nopara73, lead developer for Wasabi Wallet, recognized that the privacy features of BTC are just a “hack.” The experienced developer also stated he thought without some modifications to the Bitcoin protocol introducing Confidential Transactions, fees would price privacy out of the Bitcoin main chain to other unnamed alternatives.

FLEX SLP Token Adopted as Fee Token on CoinFLEX

Another milestone has been reached for Bitcoin Cash-based tokens now that the FLEX token, an SLP compliant currency, has been adopted as a fee token on CoinFLEX, the world’s first physically delivered cryptocurrency futures exchange. CoinFLEX customers can use the coin to receive discounts with every trade they make on the platform. Also, the value of the coin has shot up from $0.15 to $0.245 in less than a week, according to CEO Mark Lamb.

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