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Barclays Divorces Coinbase, Twitter Alternative Memo.cash SLP Token Exchange, SPEDN in Canada

TL;DR: Welcome to In Case You Missed It (ICYMI), a daily crypto news update. Barclays banking ends its relationship with Coinbase. Twitter alternative Memo.cash now features an SLP token crypto exchange. Flexa SPEDN app goes to Canada. Samsung wallet adds support for bitcoin, and the SEC stops SimplyVital ICO.

Barclays Ends Coinbase Relationship


Barclays, one of the most important UK-based banks, has broken its relationship with Coinbase, and now users are being directly impacted by this. Coinbase users in the UK are facing delays when depositing and withdrawing fiat from the exchange, sometimes for days. Coinbase has turned to a new banking partner called ClearBank that will serve as a relay to hasten operations in the country. However, the new partner has made Coinbase drop Zcash due to its privacy features.

Twitter Alternative Memo.cash Adds SLP Exchange


Memo.cash, a cryptocurrency-based Twitter alternative app powered by Bitcoin Cash, just recently added the functionality of creating, purchasing and selling SLP tokens, creating an in-house exchange. The exchange requires users to have their own account. With this development, Memo.cash is one of the latest in a string of exchanges now supporting SLP tokens, with Cryptophyl, CoinEx, Altilly and the instant exchanging service SideShift all offering token options.

Flexa Payments Service Goes to Canada


Gemini backed payment service Flexa is going to launch operations in Canada soon, carrying its SPEDN cryptocurrency app in partnership with Coinsquare, an important local exchange. Acting like a payment processor for commercial allies, Flexa accepts payments in bitcoin, bitcoin cash, ethereum or its own token flexacoin. They also announced more than 7,500 Canadian stores will be onboarded, including some of the most popular retail, entertainment, and fuel brands.

Samsung Adds Bitcoin Support to Its Crypto Wallet

Samsung added bitcoin support to its cryptocurrency wallet. Announced earlier this year with the launch of their flagship phone, the Samsung Galaxy 10, it initially only supported ethereum and Ethereum-based tokens, but Samsung announced bitcoin support during the last update of its SDK. However, these blockchain functions are only available for some countries: Canada, Germany, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, US, and UK.

SEC Rollsback Health-Related SimplyVital ICO

SimplyVital Health, a health-related company aiming to bind blockchain and health services through an ICO, was charged by the SEC for raising more than $6 million dollars in unregistered securities. The SEC states the company “did not file a registration statement with the Commission or qualify for an exemption from registration” before the ICO. The New England based company returned the raised money to its creditors, cooperating with the cease and desist order from the SEC in an effort to face no further penalties.

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