Baseball Legend Jose Canseco:

TL;DR: Retired Major League Baseball player, Jose Canseco, implored followers to “Stay away from Bitcoin it has the same structure as any pyramid scheme but controlled by one individual.” His message followed a series of seemingly random announcements, appearing to be part of the disgraced legend’s latest attempts to gain attention. However, it is not his first mention of bitcoin, and he was something of a pretty accurate market predictor back in 2016 and 2017.

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Jose Canseco Urges Followers Stay Away from Bitcoin

“Stay away from the stock market for 30 days…., and “Stay away from the stock market’s particularly penny stocks,” along with, “Drastic changes in Japan and china,” have so far comprised a busy few minutes on Twitter for former baseball star Jose Canseco, 54. He came to prominence in the mid 1980s and early 1990s as a member of the Oakland Athletics. His prowess on the field was legendary, routinely hitting balls not just beyond the outfield wall but clear out of some stadiums altogether.

When rumors about performance enhancing drugs gained traction, Canseco was fingered as the league’s go-to, an instigator in what observers noticed were traditionally soft-bodied players suddenly appearing jacked, muscle bound. He’d later write a tell-all memoir about his role, confirming those rumors and worse, earning a reputation as either a rat or somewhat late whistleblower for 1990s professional baseball, now regarded as The Steroid Era. He retired in early 2002.

Baseball Legend Jose Canseco: "Stay Away from Bitcoin" -- He's Been Right Before
Jose Canseco

Since then, Canseco has attempted all manner of projects to cash-in on his fading star, playing baseball semi-professionally in lesser-known leagues and organizations, a stint as a mixed martial artist, Vice columnist, reality show pilots, frequent arrests, and he has been the subject of documentaries.

This isn’t the slugger’s first dance with crypto, however. “With gold minus storage cost becoming greater than cash returns could be a long rally. what else is there, bitcoins? think about it,” Canseco FOMO’d back in 2016 to wide acclaim in the space. Just before hitting its price highs, in November of 2017 he seemingly predicted, “It is the end of the beginning for cryptocurrency, bitcoin at $10k by New Years Eve,” he tweeted accurately, and better. Just a month later, the home run hitting turned ecosystem sage very much soured, and at the top of that same market in late 2017 he warned, “Bitcoin is mathematically structured so a lot of people lose money and a small group will make a killing.” He was right, again.

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