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Bermuda Stablecoin Tax Payments, Block Analysis Closes C-Porn Site, More Telegram ICO Troubles

TL;DR: Welcome to In Case You Missed It (ICYMI), a daily crypto news update. Bermuda to accept USDC stablecoin tax payments. DOJ uses blockchain analysis to shut down child porn site. Telegram’s TON ICO to postpone launch due to SEC order. Sacramento Kings to give crypto-based collectible toys. Brave browser reaches 8 million active users monthly, and CoinEx holds Chain Global Nodes Election Launch Conference in Shenzhen.

Bermuda Will Accept USDC for Tax Payments


The government of Bermuda announced they are accepting the USDC stablecoin to pay taxes due to a partnership with Circle, the coin’s issuer. It’s widely considered a vouching of trust for both the stablecoin idea in general and Circle’s product in particular. USDC has been growing steadily behind the stablecoin behemoth Tether, issuing reports by auditor Grant Thornton LLP, in contrast to the better known USDT’s operations.

DOJ Bitcoin Network Analysis Stops Child Porn Site


US law enforcement just nabbed one of the biggest dark web child porn markets by using Bitcoin blockchain analysis. A South Korean citizen, Jong Woo Son, 23, owner of the operation called WTV (Welcome To Video), has been arrested. The operation was possible because the site used Bitcoin addresses to receive payments from their customers. Chainalysis, a blockchain audit firm, declared part of the DOJ analysis operation included its software, called Reactor, to identify the flow of transactions and link them to actual people.

Telegram Will Postpone TON Launch due to SEC Order


The Telegram Open Network (TON) launch will likely be postponed due to a restraining order issued by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). In a message to investors, TON communicated that “due to the increased level of regulatory uncertainty we take a break to analyze new information and adapt our policies.” The network was scheduled to be launched on October 31, but the nature of the SEC action means Telegram will have to formally respond by October 18th.

Sacramento Kings Will Give Crypto-Based Collectibles

The Sacramento Kings, an NBA team, announced they will be partnering with Ethereum-based crypto collectible company CryptoKaiju to issue their own line of cryptocurrency collectibles. More than 100 collectibles will be given away this season, with 15 being awarded as some kind of prize like free tickets, VIP tours, and merchandise memorabilia. All of these toys will be backed by a non-fungible token, making each one of them unique.

Brave Reaches 8 Million Active Monthly Users

Brave, the blockchain and cryptocurrency-friendly browser, reached the milestone of having 8 million active monthly users, recently passing the mark of 2.8 million active users daily. Brave also enjoys a privileged position as an advertising company. According to their announcement, “Platform engagement is extremely high, with a click-through rate of 14% (the industry average is just 2%). More importantly, 12% of click-throughs result in page visits of 10 seconds or longer,” putting them in an ideal spot to advertise.

CoinEx Chain Hosts Global Nodes Election Launch Conference in Shenzhen

CoinEx, one of the leading China-based cryptocurrency exchanges, hosted their Chain Global Nodes Election Launch Conference, where CoinEx was electing Node partners for their new CoinEx Chain. The nodes will be rewarded by block production, and more than 350 million CET, the official currency of the exchange, will be distributed as part of these rewards. Haipo Yang, CEO of the exchange, explained, “The ultimate goal of CoinEx Chain is to lead the next generation of public chain for decentralized finance.” Hoo.com, RockX, IFWallet, and CETDAC also joined the election.

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