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Binance CEO Cries ‘WTF man!’ at Rumors of Police Raid, Jörg ‘Satoshi’ Molt Causes Bear Market, Kraken Founder Buys Tesla Cybertruck

TL;DR: CoinSpice scours the Twittersphere to shine light upon the top crypto tweets of the week. Our cup simply overrunneth this installment. Binance CEO “CZ” claps back at crypto news sites over what he calls FUD reporting of a supposed Shanghai police raid. Bitcoin co-founder claimant insists it is he who has caused the latest crypto market winter. Kraken’s Jesse Powell nabs a Tesla Cybertruck, and tons more as the neverending Crypto Twitter soap opera continues. 

Tweets of the Week: #8 Binance CEO Claps Back at The Block Over Shanghai Police Raid Reporting

The Block broke the then-paywalled (later removed) news of cryptocurrency exchange Binance’s Shanghai, China offices being raided by authorities as part of a supposed broader China crackdown, and attributed their exclusive to unnamed sources. The story circulated wide, and it took the exchange and its CEO a Mississippi to respond, allowing rumors to spread further.

Binance CEO

Binance CEO

One major problem was the assertion Binance had offices in Shanghai. The company insisted all along it kept exactly zero staff within the mainland, as CoinSpice noted. That, and its CEO has cheekily noted many employees work remotely in coffee shops. But both could be true in the delicate world of doing crypto business in China — a Schrödinger’s cat scenario. Yes, we have no bananas.

Binance CEO

Binance CEO

For go-go, paywalled corporate news outlets, nuance and subtlety are not things. Facts are black or white, is or is not. And while the Binance CEO “CZ” and various employees of The Block traded barbs, the story was beginning to get walked back by The Block. “Whether police was involved is now in question and our journalists are speaking to sources who are giving contradicting statements,” The Block analyst Larry Cermak explained. “It’s possible it was a precautionary move that was triggered by the increased regulatory pressure. The journo team is working hard to update.”


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