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6,000 Bitcoin ATMs Worldwide, Putin Says US Dollar Doomed, Lolli & Alibaba Trade Accusations

TL;DR: Welcome to In Case You Missed It (ICYMI), a daily crypto news update. 6,000 Bitcoin ATMs installed around the world. Vladimir Putin refers to new forms of settlement beside the US dollar. Lolli explains the Alibaba partnership incident. Consecomercio, the main commerce counsel in Venezuela, says cryptocurrency is important for the country. Bitcoincashnotes.org added to the official Bitcoin Cash page, and Binance US offers fee-free trading for a month.

6,000 Bitcoin ATMs Have Been Installed Worldwide

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Cryptocurrency has again reached a milestone: the sum of 6,000 Bitcoin ATMs installed around the world. According to CoinATMRadar, there are 6,004 Bitcoin ATMs live, with more than 60% of them being located in the US. Better than 1,000 Bitcoin ATMs have been installed this year, and according to experts this is the result of the expansion and popularization of cryptocurrency as a very useful tool for travelers who don’t want to carry cash for security and convenience reasons.

Vladimir Putin Predicts Dollar Demise

Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation, predicted the collapse of the dollar and the rise of new settlement and reserve currencies during the Russian Energy Week conference. Putin stated, “The US started to use dollar settlements as a tool for political struggle. They will collapse soon.” Russia is part of the BRIC group of nations that recently announced the intention of creating a cryptocurrency to be used in payment settlements between BRIC countries, moving away from the US dollar.

Lolli Explains Controversial Alibaba Partnership Case

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Lolli, the bitcoin rewards company, answered to the controversy of their declared partnership with Chinese e-tail giant Alibaba. According to Alex Adelman, CEO of Lolli, they did sign a contract to use Alibaba’s image and name to promote their business through AliExpress. Despite this, Alibaba denied the partnership, stating Lolli “never had the right to claim a partnership with Alibaba.com or imply one with Alibaba Group.” However, Adelman insisted Alibaba did trial their services and broke the signed contract.

Main Commerce Counsel in Venezuela Says Crypto is Important

Consecomercio, one of the main private commerce counsels in Venezuela, recognized the importance of cryptocurrencies for citizens to handle their funds in the highly limited financial environment of the country. Having criticized the Petro before, the organization stated that “in the last years, cryptocurrencies have become a necessary tool to send funds to different payment means.” The statement was published on their official Twitter page, answering the government’s push of its state-backed crypto.

BitcoinCashNotes.com Added to BitcoinCash.org

BitcoinCashNotes.com, the company manufacturing stylish, money-like Bitcoin Cash paper wallets, has been added to the official Bitcoin Cash page. Now visitors of the page can get information about several paper wallets the company makes, depicting some of the most important characters for the BCH community like Roger Ver, Amaury Séchet, and Jihan Wu. The notes can be purchased in from any country of the world through their site as well.

Binance US Features Zero Fee Trade for a Month

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Binance US, the American wing of the popular cryptocurrency exchange, is offering a month of fee-free trade for new users of its platform, which began on November 15th. Newly registered users will enjoy this promotion after passing basic account verification. This constitutes a campaign by the exchange to get new users to switch to its platform after having excluded US-based residents from their main exchange, hoping to challenge well-established US exchanges like Coinbase and Kraken.

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