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Bitcoin Bloodsport: Hotep Jesus Hosts BTC vs BCH Debate Live

TL;DR: Social media influencer Hotep Jesus continues his Bitcoin Bloodsport debate series Friday, 7pm EST, on November 1st, 2019. It’s to be streamed live on YouTube, and will feature BTC maximalist Giacomo Zucco and Bitcoin Cash enthusiast Justin Bons. Both are well known to their respective communities. CoinSpice caught up with Bons ahead of the debate for a chat about his thoughts on what to expect.

Hotep Jesus Hosts BTC vs BCH Debate Live

He’s come-on rather suddenly to the cryptocurrency world. Hotep Jesus is a social media personality who gained a following for his unorthodox views as an African American thinker. His latest obsession over the last few weeks is Bitcoin, its forks, and what they mean. He’s brokered debates through Twitter threads and even hosted some on his YouTube channel.

Hotep Jesus doesn’t seem, at this point, to be a partisan. He appears to be learning alongside his followers and viewers. He often breaks-in with clarifying questions, asking what might seem obvious to longtime Bitcoiners but not so to those newer to cryptocurrency. This causes debaters within his forums who are forwarding standard talking points to pivot. They must explain and mind the gaps in their logic.

Hotep Jesus

Giacomo Zucco is the BTC maximalist’s maximalist. The Italian firebrand is equal parts standup comedian, developer, and dismissive ideologue. Zucco speaks at BTC conferences often, and has become more infamous in recent years for trolling with in-group/out-group dynamics through memes. He’s instantly skeptical toward projects outside of BTC, and has become increasingly strident in policing orthodoxy.

Justin Bons is the founder & CIO of Cyber Capital, cryptocurrency researcher, Bitcoin Unlimited member, and a Bitcoin Cash (BCH) enthusiast. Bons’ demeanor is more reserved, precise, but no less passionate. His past debates with the likes of BTC maximalist Tone Vays, for example, were respectful, cordial, and argument-driven rather than an attack on the person or motives of a project’s community. Bons is also a frequently invited guest at BCH-related gatherings.

Interview with Justin Bons

CoinSpice: Why did you accept Hotep’s challenge?

Justin Bons: I have always maintained the position of being open for debate, especially in the face of the problems we see. With my belief in the free market place of ideas I genuinely think that the truth will rise by shining a light on it. This is the power of real debate and why it is a critical feature for any well functioning civilization. Therefore, within the context of cryptocurrency we should embrace such discussions as a means to gain a greater understanding for all involved. I do not think that any ideas should ever be closed for debate, ideas gain their antifragility from critique.

I have debated this subject many times. I have conviction in my beliefs and have been involved in the blocksize debates from the beginning. I lived through this time period of history. I feel like I am well equipped to enter into debate to defend what I see as the truth. As a Bitcoiner I would also not want to shrug my duty. It is a good opportunity to get the word out to a large new audience. I also enjoyed listening to Hotep Jesus on the Joe Rogan show and I think he will be a reasonable moderator.

What do you hope to get out of the debate?

That more people will gain a greater understanding of the truth that exists out there, including myself. I see many fundamental flaws in BTC, I think that people should be more informed about these flaws. There is a lot of misinformation going around, I would like the discourse to become better informed and more rational, which will by extension also make the market more rational.

Hotep Jesus
Hotep Jesus was recently featured on an episode of The Joe Rogan Experience podcast.

The audience of Hotep Jesus is also predominantly non-crypto-native. This represents a huge opportunity for cryptocurrency as a whole to set the record straight and hopefully attract more attention to good projects such as BCH and ETH [(Ethereum)].

How did you think you’ll prepare for Giacomo Zucco?

This debate was set up on very short notice so my preparation time has been more limited. Fortunately, due to some of my previous debates such as my debate with Tone Vays, I have been able to use a lot of my old notes while expanding on certain points. I have been watching some of Hotep’s videos and Zucco’s videos and was relieved to see that Zucco was very consistent in his thought, biting the bullet on certain issues, which is something that is more productive in such debates.

Besides these things and immersing myself in the material I have always found it most important to train, eat and sleep well. Where the mental game is often most important, being a perfectionist I want to always give the best performance.

How much does Bitcoin Cash matter in such a debate? To some, it appears BTC has left it in the dust.

I am an FA guy (Fundamental Analysis), price does not weigh strongly in my evaluation of cryptocurrencies. Price is currently a popularity contest within a very irrational market, I am looking for extrinsic merit over the long term. Instead of following the crowd I see opportunity in the underdogs. Especially in the case of a world where the dominant cryptocurrency is so deeply flawed, that I have to be the messenger shining light on a naked emperor.

Hotep Jesus

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