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Bitcoin Cash Blockchain-Based Game RealmX Readies to Launch: An Interview with Its Creator

TL;DR: Bitcoin Cash blockchain-based online game RealmX is getting ever-closer to formal launch. It promises to be an open-world, free-roaming sandbox game, using cryptocurrency as its engine, both the underlying tech and in terms of monetization. CoinSpice caught up with RealmX co-founder Dan for an exclusive interview. 

Bitcoin Cash Blockchain-Based Game RealmX Readies to Launch

Within the RealmX Telegram group, a curious member could not wait for the game’s formal rollout. He found a very early beta version for Android. “I pressed random buttons and somehow registered my username and password,” he claimed. “Once I was in the game, I tapped on my character and then there are two green buttons on the bottom of the screen. It’s the left one. The third setting is the language, tap on the dropdown and choose English. I just found out there’s English, so I haven’t looked around yet. It doesn’t seem like a complicated game, probably of the addictive type. Cool graphics.”

His complaint, and probably to be expected at this point, is how “there seems to be some problem with the wallet, so don’t load it with too much BCH. I couldn’t import my seeds to electron cash neither with m/44’/145′ nor m/44’/0′ derivation paths,” also suggesting those interested in trying the game download the file directly, above.

Bitcoin Cash Blockchain-Based

RealmX co-founder Dan answered within the chat, “That’s not the official release version of the game. We are still working on it. We are planning to launch it at the end of the month. But in order to present the best version of the game, there are some updates to add. It will be a lot more interesting and exciting when it is ready,” Dan insisted.

He also explained the “built-in wallet doesn’t support m/44’/145′ and m/44’/0′ derivations paths yet. That’s why you cannot import your wallet to the game. Try another wallet or send BCH directly to your in-game wallet,” asking, “Do you have enough BCH balance in your in-game wallet?” From there, the discussion continued on the most appropriate wallet to use at the moment, but all along Dan stressed the game simply isn’t ready, and for folks to wait.

Interview with RealmX Co-Founder Dan

It’s a great problem to have: people so curious, anticipatory that they hunt for your product. CoinSpice was able to snag an exclusive interview with the project’s co-founder, Dan, to get a better idea about RealmX and the company behind it.

CoinSpice: RealmX appears to be the product of a group. What is Block Hop?

Dan: Block Hop is a gaming startup that aims to bring a breath of fresh air to the traditional gaming industry with blockchain technology. The team was established and funded in April 2018.

How many people are involved with the RealmX project?

The core development team consists of 15 dedicated full-time members.

Bitcoin Cash Blockchain-Based
User screenshot; unreleased version

Who are its main developers?

Alex, CEO.
Jeff, COO.
Candy, CMO.
Baoye, head of technology.

How long has your team been working on RealmX?

The team has been working on RealmX since its establishment. So we have by far spent 1 year developing the game.

Bitcoin Cash Blockchain-Based
User screenshot; unreleased version

How did the idea for RealmX come about?

After years of working in the traditional gaming industry, the founders of Block Hop deeply realized that the relationship between developers and gamers was incorrect. Take Minecraft as an example. The value of the game comes from its users, yet the users are not correctly rewarded. RealmX’s mission is to redistribute value to those who make the game possible.

A lot of people are asking why an online game would be placed on a blockchain. Why indeed?

The advantages of placing an online game onto a blockchain are as follow:

a) Players truly own their in-game assets and can freely trade them.
b) In-game assets are stored on the blockchain, making it more secured from being hacked.
c) It shifts the classic play-to-win game model to play-to-earn.
d) The reuse of in-game assets among different games is possible.

Bitcoin Cash Blockchain-Based
User screenshot; unreleased version

Why did your team choose Bitcoin Cash’s chain, BCH altogether?

The reasons are simple. Because the Bitcoin Cash chain is fast, reliable, and low-cost. That’s perfect for an online game. More importantly, BCH has a huge community which is helpful to enlarge our userbase.

What are your hopes for the RealmX project? What are you trying to accomplish?

Our short-term objective for RealmX is that the game can smoothly run on the Bitcoin Cash chain and gradually develop with the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem. In the future, we hope that RealmX can be the Minecraft on the blockchain.

Bitcoin Cash Blockchain-based
User screenshot; unreleased version

What were/are the biggest challenges with bringing RealmX to market, shipping it?

Like many other blockchain games, the biggest challenge for RealmX was the high barrier to entry. Players need to be familiar with blockchains, cryptocurrencies, and wallets to get started. However, RealmX has managed to solve this problem by introducing a unique on/off-chain game logic and developing a built-in wallet. It is believed that players will have a smooth and seamless gaming experience in playing RealmX.

Are there any other, similar projects for Block Hop along these lines, using Bitcoin Cash?

Not yet. RealmX is currently the main product for Block Hop. It is our top priority to have it delivered to the gamers as soon as possible. As for the future plan, we will make our decision based on the performance of RealmX after its release.

DISCLOSURE: The author holds cryptocurrency as part of his financial portfolio, including BCH. 

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