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Bitcoin Cash Community Heads to Australia in September for 2 Day, Star-Packed Conference

TL;DR: In early September, the Bitcoin Cash community is headling to Townsville, Australia for the country’s first such conference of its kind. The Bitcoin Cash City Conference promises speakers from all aspects of the BCH ecosystem along with the unique chance to experience living within a cryptocurrency-based micro-economy.  

Bitcoin Cash Community Heads to Australia

Early September in Australia is the end of Winter, and that means an ideal climate for coastal cities such as Townsville. It’s also a nice match for the Bitcoin Cash community. Due to Townsville’s embrace of BCH among merchants and various local services, Australia’s first gathering of enthusiasts and business leaders from all over the world will convene for a chance to actually use the low-cost, frictionless payment system and digital cash while enjoying the region’s many spoils.

Bitcoin Cash Community
Townsville is part home of the Great Barrier Reef

Bitcoin Cash has caught-on among merchants in Townsville, and mostly because it enables anybody to move any amount of money anywhere in the world: instantly, securely, and consistently with fees of less than a cent. Bitcoin Cash essentially does away with banks and puts users in full control of their money. Merchants are taking up BCH, according to locals, because it competes with Visa and Mastercard, eliminating fees and giving them an extra three percent on all payments.

Noel Lovisa, CEO of Townsville-based software company Code Valley explained, “Townsville enjoys the highest per capita merchant adoption of Bitcoin Cash in the world. The North Queensland Bitcoin Cash Merchants’ Group leveraged that to secure the Bitcoin Cash City Conference.” Townsville has become known as “Bitcoin Cash City,” and so the conference naturally takes advantage of such notoriety. North Queensland has also quietly founded nearly a dozen Bitcoin Cash-related software companies, several attracting venture capital in the millions.

20 Top International Bitcoin Cash Speakers

Lovisa continued, “We’ve got 20 top international Bitcoin Cash speakers coming to this conference. The number one speaker, Amaury Séchet, helped write the original Bitcoin Cash client known as Bitcoin ABC, successfully upgrading Bitcoin to scale on-chain. That was the genesis of getting the original Bitcoin mission back on track after it was derailed.”

Hayden Otto, CEO of Townsville-based BitcoinBCH.com stressed a key difference in this first-of-its-kind conference for Australia. “Bitcoin Cash is so popular in Townsville that conference delegates will be able to pay with it for everything they need during their stay,” Otto insisted. “In addition to flights, accommodation, car rental and tourism activities, you can get all your food, drink and even pay for your laundry with Bitcoin Cash.”

He says the Bitcoin Cash City Conference presents a unique opportunity for Australians to discover the potential of cryptocurrency. “I want to personally invite you to the world’s premier Bitcoin event. Bitcoin is peer-to-peer electronic cash that’s paving the way for financial sovereignty and greater economic freedom for people of all walks of life. Not everyone understands this, but we’re bringing together all those who do for an unparalleled conference which won’t be forgotten.”

For his part, Lovisa adopted Bitcoin Cash initially to solve a problem for Code Valley’s emergent coding project. “We’ve created a new technology for producing software by combining tiny fragments from around the world. Bitcoin Cash enables me to send a million dollars or as little as 20 cents to somebody in another country with it clearing instantly for a tenth of a penny. I can operate in 150 countries without needing to support 150 currencies,” he recalls. “There is also a roadmap of regular upgrades to meet demand so Bitcoin Cash is very reliable. And it’s hassle-free because there is no central point of authority. Bitcoin Cash is going to be the world’s number one cryptocurrency. Come along to the conference to find out why.”

Bitcoin Cash Community

The Bitcoin Cash City Conference will be held on September 4 and 5 at Quayside Terminal, Lennon Drive, South Townsville, Queensland. Full details and registration: https://bitcoincashcity.com

DISCLOSURE: The author holds cryptocurrency as part of his financial portfolio, including BCH. CoinSpice is an official media partner of the Bitcoin Cash City Conference. 

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