Home News Bitcoin Cash Online Game RealmX Officially Releases Highly Anticipated Google Play Version

Bitcoin Cash Online Game RealmX Officially Releases Highly Anticipated Google Play Version

TL;DR: “After months of development and preparation,” the announcement came today, “we are more than happy to announce that RealmX is now officially released on the BCH blockchain.” News of the Bitcoin Cash online game being developed happened in early August of this year, and enthusiasts were hoping for a rollout last month. After a teaser leak two weeks ago, the game is now live.  

Bitcoin Cash Online Game RealmX Officially Releases

As late as yesterday, key developers in the RealmX Telegram chat were claiming, “The APK listed on Google Play is an experiment to see if the game can be successfully listed. It’s actually not an official release. We are still working on it.” Only hours after, RealmX was live on the site proper and Google Play. “We have been testing the game for quite a long time. And this time it will be the official release on BCH mainnet.”

The team behind RealmX, Block Hop, described it as a first for Bitcoin Cash, a “free to play sandbox game.” That means it’s open-world, free-roaming, allowing users to alter and customize their gaming experience progression-style, an increasingly popular genre for gamers. “Within the RealmX game, players will be able to create items, battle monsters, monetize their content, and finally lead main game development as the game progresses,” creators have insisted.

User screen from the official release.

The game is free to play, and bitcoin cash deposits are not required. It’s a Stone Age world where users create as they go with the help of other players, opening “new world levels.” In-game assets, however, are stored on the Bitcoin Cash network. Players can effectively own and trade them. There’s also a chance to earn bitcoin cash through creating new equipment and weapons other players might desire.

A very early review based upon a first, leaked Google Play version back in late September was conducted by John Moriarty of Bitcoin Out Loud. It gave a peek into the game, and disclosed certain issues at the time along with potential bugs. That less than ready-to-ship version seemed to catch a bit of fire, and users poured into the game’s Telegram chat to ask still-more questions and pine for its live, official version. Enthusiasts are also already creating thread discussions on Reddit, jumping at the chance to interact with a truly blockchain-based online game.


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