Twitter Adds Bitcoin Emoji, Reginald Fowler Rejects Plea Deal, MasterCard: Why We Left Libra

TL;DR: Welcome to In Case You Missed It (ICYMI), a daily crypto news update. Bitcoin emoji added to Twitter. Reggie Fowler rejects plea deal. MasterCard CEO reveals the reason for leaving Libra. Tim Draper finds potential in Bitcoin Cash. Bitcoin Verde raises 26 BCH for its mining diversity initiative, and Poloniex recruits influencers to attract new traders.

Bitcoin Emoji Added by Twitter

Twitter added a Bitcoin emoji to its platform this weekend. The announcement was made by Bitcoin enthusiast and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. The Bitcoin emoji is automatically added by once the user types “#Bitcoin” or “#btc.” Jack also nudged Unicode, the foundation behind the character encoding ruleset, to also include the Bitcoin emoji to its global standard. The Bitcoin symbol has been present within Unicode since 2017, but the Bitcoin emoji was rejected twice previously, according to Elizabeth Starkness.

Reggie Fowler Rejects Plea Deal

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Reginald Fowler, the former NFL investor, rejected a plea deal offered by the US government. That deal was also withdrawn, according to a letter from court prosecutors. Fowler had agreed to plead guilty on charges of running an unlicensed money-transmitting operation, but the deal fell through when discussing the amount of money he would pay in restitution and fines. Fowler apparently agreed to only turn over whatever funds were in the accounts he managed for cryptocurrency clients. Prosecutors rejected Fowler’s offer. The parties now prepare for a trial that will start April 28, 2020.

MasterCard CEO Reveals Why They Left Libra

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MasterCard CEO Ajay Banga clarified the reasons why his company left Libra, the cryptocurrency project pushed by Facebook. During an interview with Financial Times, Banga declared “when you don’t understand how money gets made, it gets made in ways you don’t like,” criticizing the business model of the platform. Also, he stated the project was presented first as an altruistic way of including people into the financial system, and then degenerated into a proprietary wallet. “It went from this altruistic idea into their own wallet. I’m like: ‘this doesn’t sound right,’” he concluded.

Tim Draper Thinks Bitcoin Cash has Potential

Tim Draper, the legendary cryptocurrency investor who predicted the price of Bitcoin will rise to $250,000 before 2022, said Bitcoin Cash has potential. During an interview with Crypto Finder, a cryptocurrency based Youtube channel, Draper was asked if he considered himself a Bitcoin maximalist. “If you are a retailer, the first crypto you’ll ever take will be Bitcoin, so Bitcoin will have the largest market share just by the nature of its brand. But Bitcoin Cash, they have some bright people working on that; I think that has a lot of potential,” Draper stated, pointing other forks did not have his interest.

Bitcoin Verde Mining Diversity Initiative Raises 26 BCH in Just a Weekend

Bitcoin Verde, the full node Bitcoin Cash implementation, raised 26 BCH in just a weekend after having presented its project for increasing mining diversity project, announcing they will be striving to become a mining ready full node. Joshua Green, the lead developer of Bitcoin Verde, stated these funds will also be used to improve SLP/Memo support, create testnet connections, and increase mining viability. He thanked the community for its generosity and its involvement in the future of the project. “This community is truly unique. Thank you all for the support,” Green stressed.

Poloniex Looking for Influencers to be “Community Leaders”

Poloniex, the cryptocurrency exchange recently acquired by Asian investors, is looking for influencers with a “large following” on social media to represent the brand. The campaign invites them to “use your clout to earn cash,” and calls for leaders to start recruiting users after being approved by the exchange. Poloniex will reward influencers according to the volume of trading made by users recruited. Only 20 influencers will be chosen, and the campaign will run until March 15th. The move has the objective of growing Poloniex’s trading volumes after an exodus of traders hit the exchange recently.

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