Bitcoin Emperor: BTC Sucks, Only Stupid People Fall for That

Bitcoin Emperor Daniel Krawisz is on fire in this episode of Milk, Soothing Crypto’s Burn, flagship podcast for CoinSpice. Krawisz (pronounced Cray-Wits) describes his transition into supporting Bitcoin Cash (BCH), which he found a more vibrant, creative community after he was chastised by BTC cult members for even discussing BCH.  

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Bitcoin Emperor: BTC Sucks, Only Stupid People Fall for That

I’ve been a fan of The Emperor of Bitcoin, Daniel Krawisz, for a long time. He’s among the most interesting people in the ecosystem to speak with. He’s always making me think, even when I am terribly unsure about whatever it is he’s proposing.

This is actually the tail end of an extended conversation (episodes up soon), and he was keen to set the record straight about who are the blind followers in the space.

He is straight-no-chaser in our talk, and believes strongly chains should compete. He believes even stronger in the investor as the ultimate arbiter of which succeeds.

You can find the episode here.


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