Bitcoin Fork Terror! Jeffrey Tucker Adds Calm with a Touch of Anarchy

As of this writing, there is a palpable terror running through the crypto ecosystem. Enthusiasts are not comfortable with the polemics, the tribalism, ongoing toward the Bitcoin Cash hard fork turned hash war. Jeffrey Tucker, Editorial Director of American Institute for Economic Research (AIER), is a highly regarded philosophical voice in the space. He joins C. Edward Kelso for a very special episode of Milk, ‘s flagship podcast, adding calm with just a dash of anarchy. 

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Bitcoin fork? Hash War? Jeffrey Tucker Brings Calm

A little over a year ago, the Bitcoin community was holding its collective breath. Would the chain fall apart? Would everyone return to fiat? Would the price crash? Well, we’re there again, ironically with the crypto all that worry gave birth to, Bitcoin Cash (BCH). At least two sides have taken up firm positions, and worry has spread.

Bitcoin Fork Terror! Jeffrey Tucker Adds Calm with a Touch of Anarchy


Jeffrey Tucker is a drug, a one man movement. He infects and changes lives. tapped him to get perspective on the happenings with regard to BCH. He gives some easy, crazy great advice on keeping one’s head.

He and C. Edward Kelso also discuss his being asked to be Master of Ceremonies at the 2019 Anarchapulco. It’s one of the best gatherings of the anything peaceful, voluntaryist set on the planet. They’re expecting thousands of people, and not only will Jeffrey Tucker be its guide, but attendees can rub elbows with the likes of Ron Paul and Judge Andrew Napolitano among many, many others.

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