Home News Bitcoin Friendly Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang Continues to Make History

Bitcoin Friendly Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang Continues to Make History

TL;DR: When Andrew Yang hits the stage this evening at 8pm EST in Ohio, he’ll be participating in one of the largest Democratic Party presidential debates in history. Yang’s candidacy is notable for a few reasons: he’s Asian (a rarity in US national politics), ran his own business, skateboards, laughs at himself, is running on a Universal Basic Income (UBI) platform, and is the only semi-viable candidate to have a pro-Bitcoin stance. 

Bitcoin Friendly Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang Cointues to Make History

Early this year, Yang’s late 2017 bid to campaign and run for the Democratic Party nomination finally started to gain momentum. He’d found media success, landing coveted guest spots on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast and other outlets. His star grew in large measure from a lack of intersectional gymnastics about race, gender, and the myriad of cultural battle lines other progressive candidates in his party were embracing.

It also helps that Andrew Yang, of course, literally wants to give everyone in the US $1,000 a month, forever, as part of his Freedom Dividend, a twist on the UBI idea. There are other quirky proposals, from opposing male circumcision to legalizing recreation marijuana usage, but the core of Yang is a steady, clear head: regardless of what they think about his policy proposals, folks find him pleasant enough.

Andrew Yang

For Bitcoiners, he’s also someone to watch because, at least so far, he is the most successful candidate ever to have embraced cryptocurrency. It does not seem to be hurting him, either, though it is unclear if it’s helping much. He’s openly praised Bitcoin, blockchain technology, and put out a policy position on the issue — another first for a presidential candidate. Of course, President Trump has all but discounted Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, tweeting hostility while having his cabinet attack crypto through the Treasury and regulators — a factor that instantly distinguishes Yang.

Yang is polling relatively low, but has qualified for every major debate thus far, including tonight’s fourth primary scrum hosted by CNN (Erin Burnett and Anderson Cooper) and Marc Lacey of The New York Times. So far, cryptocurrency has not come up as a debate topic, but it just might in Ohio this evening. Facebook Coin Libra has been in the news a lot lately, with Zuckerberg headed to DC next week, and if moderators are looking for interesting, out of the box questions, it might be where Yang can shine. It would be yet another Yang, crypto history-making event.

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