Bitcoin Magazine Vows a Return to, Well, Bitcoin to ‘Make it Fun Again’

Bitcoin Magazine Vows a Return to, Well, Bitcoin to 'Make it Fun Again'

The old gray lady of crypto journalism is Bitcoin Magazine. Its success and lack thereof follows the broader market and evolution of the namesake token, but it is also something more than that. It’s one of the first legitimate, serious media takes on the ecosystem, and it is also the place many of us, way back when, were red pilled. Just shy of a decade later, and the magazine has vowed to return to its roots. 

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Bitcoin Magazine Returns to its Roots

Bitcoin Magazine announced recently, “The last three years have felt like a decade-long sprint,” publisher David F. Bailey explained, “so the cooling market provides a much-needed opportunity to take a deep breath, zoom out, gain perspective and reflect on the Bitcoin epic so far — a story that began for Bitcoin Magazine in 2011.”

Bitcoin Magazine Vows a Return to, Well, Bitcoin to 'Make it Fun Again'

The three years he’s referring concern the parent company, BTC Inc in Nashville, Tennessee and its acquisition of the magazine in 2015 after it was founded four years earlier by Vitalik Buterin and Mihai Alisie. “Our readers will now have access not only to the same in-depth feature stories they’ve always found in yBitcoin, but also to breaking news about a cryptocurrency world that is growing exponentially,” Bailey said at the time.

“It’s incredible how much and how little has changed since then,” he details today, “hodl memes, regulatory scrutiny, altcoin fever, Satoshi sightings, Mark Karpelès’ billions, the influence of big mining, stablecoins, Dan Larimer’s latest science experiment and the ever-looming bitcoin ETF (just two weeks™ more!) still dominate the headlines. Simultaneously, developments that would have been unfathomable last cycle are now commonplace: contentious hard forks and hashwars, native bitcoin products from institutions like the NYSE and Fidelity, ICOs from the likes of Telegram and Venezuela, crypto companies joining the Fortune 1000 and, depending on what subreddit you read, Bitcoin Jesus is now Bitcoin Satan.”

Make Bitcoin Fun Again

The magazine expanded as most did in an attempt to professionalize and gain legitimacy. Some complained it lost its grittier, more combative edge by doing so, thinning out content so as to veer completely from its original intent.

Bitcoin Magazine Vows a Return to, Well, Bitcoin to 'Make it Fun Again'

“We need to expand the intellectual frontier of Bitcoin,” Bailey continued, “educate new users on the philosophical tenets that underpin the system, cultivate and highlight future generations of Bitcoin leaders, expand Bitcoin’s utility and showcase its progress, improve developer access to review and contribute code, improve interindustry communication and, perhaps most importantly, we need to MAKE BITCOIN FUN AGAIN.”

It’s hard to know how the community will respond, so fractured and pushed into every direction as it enters a second decade. “Bitcoin Magazine is returning to its roots in exclusively covering the world’s original cryptocurrency and blockchain,” the magazine’s head promised, insisting it will refrain form clickbait and political agendas.

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