Bitcoin Pioneer Amir Taaki Blasts BTC Core: “Losers,” “Groupthink,” “Dogmatic”

Bitcoin Pioneer Amir Taaki Blasts BTC Core:

Bitcoin pioneer Amir Taaki blasted Bitcoin Core (BTC) enthusiasts and supporters. Taking to Twitter, Taaki referred to the current crop of BTC self proclaimed leaders and participants as “losers” engaged in “groupthink,” too “dogmatic” to ever change their ways.

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Amir Taaki Blasts Bitcoin Core

“You’re a bunch of losers,” ecosystem pioneer Amir Taaki blasted on Twitter, “who’ve never seen a battle in your life or people dying. Fake phony Bitcoin core culture. HURHUR we eat meat, we’re hard – what a dumb anti-intellectual ineffective subculture that Bitcoin has become. You’re doomed to irrelevance as a ‘movement.’”

Bitcoin Pioneer Amir Taaki Blasts BTC Core: "Losers," "Groupthink," "Dogmatic"

Taaki was seemingly triggered by the latest fad among Bitcoin Core supporters, an all meat diet. Self identified “Bitcoin maximalist” @TheCryptoDog Tweeted a picture of firearms and assorted meat displayed on a table, hash-tagging “#Bitcoin maximalist breakfast.” Over a thousand Likes, and more than one hundred reTweets later, the offending photograph traveled within Taaki’s orbit evidently.

It set off a Tweetstorm, as Taaki’s very next Tweet read, “You heard it here. Bitcoin Foundation came and went. Blockstream came and went. Bitcoin Core is heading the same direction. Every time we’re the minority. That’s the price of truth. I hoped we could rescue the ship, but the current dogmatic followers are their own worst enemy.”

Bitcoin Pioneer Amir Taaki Blasts BTC Core: "Losers," "Groupthink," "Dogmatic"

Street Cred

Taaki, 30, was once widely known as a preeminent hacker, one who flirted with a decidedly Left-leaning form of anarchism — the very European variety, squatting in abandoned buildings, giving away valuable software development, etc. He was happy-go-lucky, something of a cypher Peter Pan.

Bitcoin Pioneer Amir Taaki Blasts BTC Core: "Losers," "Groupthink," "Dogmatic"

His street cred includes founding one of the earliest Bitcoin exchanges, an early version of a development foundation, he started libbitcoin, instituted the now ubiquitous Bitcoin Improvement Protocols (BIPs), and participated in projects such as Electrum and a privacy wallet, Dark Wallet, with Cody Wilson of 3D printed guns fame. His work on DarkMarket basically birthed OpenBazaar.  

He more or less vanished a couple of years ago, making his way to Kurd occupied Syria, commonly known as Rojava. Taaki told almost no one of his plans, and spent nearly four months serving in the unrecognized nation’s army. He emerged clearly changed by the experience, embracing more formal political arrangements through a regional guru, and even began praising religion.

Changed Man

Upon his return to England, he was arrested and sentenced to a year of monitoring by local authorities, which included most of his computer equipment being confiscated and a GPS ankle monitor affixed to his body. Once off monitoring, Taaki left for Spain, ending up part of the uprising for independence in Catalonia.

Bitcoin Pioneer Amir Taaki Blasts BTC Core: "Losers," "Groupthink," "Dogmatic"

He saved his most scathing Tweet attack for Core dev Jimmy Song. “You got rinsed by a dude wearing shorts while you were roasting in boiling hot weather,” Taaki Tweeted, referencing a recent debate between CEO Roger Ver and Song on a European cruise. Song wore a suit oddly inappropriate for the poolside discussion, and read from prepared notes.

Ver was in comfortable clothing, and had no prepared remarks. While many people took issue with the debate’s spectacle and efficacy, nearly everyone acknowledged Ver kept his cool while Song tantrum’d at various points. Taaki’s Tweet continued, pointing to how Song was “desperately reading from notes. You’re like a robot quoting cool things like ‘sound money’ but it means nothing. Bitcoin project is dominated now by this groupthink.”

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