Bitcoin Sponsored MMA Champion Rory MacDonald To Defend His Title


Bitcoin is not just for libertarians, nerds, and speculators anymore. The world of sports and entertainment is full of competitive, talented tough guys that are as embroiled in the world of cryptocurrencies as you and I. Paid cryptocurrency spokesmen like Steven Seagal, who backed a shitcoin ICO called Bitcoiin (yes, it was called like that) and even Floyd Mayweather sponsored ICO fraud Centra Tech, have shown there is a world of money at stake. Thankfully, there are some athletes that have a real interest in cryptocurrencies and can talk the talk to prove as much, like today’s interview guest Rory Macdonald.

It turns out that Rory Macdonald, the undefeated welter champion of Bellator MMA, also known as the Red King and one of the baddest hombres to ever fight inside a ring, has a genuine interest in cryptocurrency. A look at his Twitter timeline can confirm that. Who would have thought it? You would not imagine the same guy that hits hard in the ring to engage in bitcoin technical discussions on Twitter. Another interesting tidbit is that he supports BCH unequivocally when it comes to Bitcoin.

The cryptocurrency community like him so much, that some people from the Bitcoin Cash community have arranged a sponsorship for his upcoming fight against Gegard Mousasi, where he will defend his welterweight title. We chatted a little bit with him and he answered some questions for the Coinspice crew about the fight, how he feels about cryptocurrency and why is he so into it.

CS: Hi Rory, nice to be with you here. First and foremost, how are you feeling regarding the upcoming fight with Gegard Mousasi? How Are you preparing for the fight? Are you doing some special training or just following your normal prep?

Rory: I’m feeling healthy and ready to fight hard. Doing nothing out of the ordinary from regular fight prep, training camp is over. I’m now heading into fight week, the camp went well and I’m healthy so that’s great.

CS: We know that you are a cryptocurrency fan and that you support bitcoin cash over bitcoin core. Why is that?

Rory: I think bitcoin cash its great, in my opinion, it has the best chance to be a worldwide used currency. It has the best potential seen so far to accomplish what the original bitcoin vision was intended for. Core is a mess, I don’t trust it, from what I’ve seen, they want to derail the original vision into something else. Sometimes I have a feeling that the whole plot is to sabotage bitcoin, but that’s kind of like a conspiracy theory of my own. (laughs)

CS: How do you see bitcoin five years from now? Do you see a flippening happening anytime?

Rory: In that time frame well see the shift from Core to bitcoin cash. I think we’ll definitely see more merchants happy to accept BCH in their businesses. There’s going to be a lot of new and exciting growth on top of bitcoin, like making it more user-friendly for the crypto newbie, to understand it and to know how to use it properly.

CS: How do you feel about being sponsored by the bitcoin cash community?

Rory: Some of the bitcoin community reached out after noticing my tweets about my support for the bitcoin cash chain. It started out just chatting on MMA and bitcoin topics. Over time we worked on several different things, including my own Bitcoin t-shirts they sell on the store. Also, the training camp documentary that’s is being released tomorrow and the fight sponsorship from people in the community. I’m super excited about it and looking forward to seeing what happens in the future.

So there you have it. The MMA welterweight champion is a bitcoin cash enthusiast and knows his way around cryptocurrency. The fight will be broadcasted live on DAZN on September 29, so tune in to root for our favorite crypto-combatant.