Bitmain Equihash PoW Antminer Z11 Released for Pre-Sale: Already Sold Out

Bitmain Equihash PoW Antminer Z11 Released for Pre-Sale: Already Sold Out

TL;DR: Bitmain announced presale of its Equihash Miner Antminer Z11. It appears designed to take advantage of cryptocurrencies utilizing the so-called Equihash algorithm. The latest rig could be a boon for projects such as Bitcoin Private, Bitcoin Gold, and others, along with the most well known crypto of that class, Zcash.   

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Bitmain Equihash PoW Antminer Z11 Goes On Pre-Sale

“Introducing the #AntminerZ11 that packs 3X more hashing power than its predecessor!,” an excited tweet on 19 March 2019 seemed to shout. “The Z11 mines #Zcash under the Equihash algorithm. Performing with a hash rate of 135 KSol/s and power consumption of 1418 W.”

Equihash is often contrasted with other proof of work (PoW) mining algorithms such as SHA256. By about its fifth year in existence, more PoW advocates were becoming alarmed at what they considered crypto mining’s centralization. In 2016, University of Luxembourg scientists unveiled a possible mitigation, Equihash.

It’s most notable use-case came when Zcash announced the algorithm’s integration shortly after. The hope was the project could leapfrog ASIC dependent mining, doing so by the coveted idea of mining from a basic laptop — memory-oriented PoW. The irony now is how the whole idea was aimed at manufacturers such as Bitmain.

The mining giant remains a top chipmaker even as the company has struggled under the weight of an extended crypto bear market. “The Antminer Z11 is designed by Bitmain to virtually mine cryptocurrencies such as Zcash,” the company explained, “which are based on the Equihash algorithm. It is by far the leading model by performance to mine such cryptocurrencies. The new Antminer is now pre-selling on Bitmain’s official website and will start shipping shortly.” According to the purchase page, it appears to be already sold out. Its expected shipping date is late April of this year, and it retails for $1,242.

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