Bitmain Jefe, Jihan Wu, tells “FakeToshi” to Fuck Off


The trenches are hot and bullets are flying across the battlefield, when discussing the Bitcoin Cash hardfork that’ll occur in November. But unlike in “The Matrix”, not even the chosen ones can avoid being shot. In this case, one of the generals of one side, Jihan “Jefe” Wu decided to unload his “escopeta” at close range to fire the tweet to make the known Craig “Faketoshi” Wright bleed heavily by telling him basically to fuck off.

So why did the CEO of a billion dollar revenue company got to draw his revolver in twitter against another known BCH supporter? Simple: a difference of opinions that caused a schism in the ranks of the enthusiasts and miners. That, and also being taunted repeatedly by Craig Steven Wright, a mysterious character nicknamed FakeToshi due to the fact that he affirmed once that he was the real Satoshi, a thing that he never proved with any hard evidence.

He then pressed on with his unleashed attack by calling him again Fake Satoshi in a subsequent tweet and also stating that he won’t stop innovation in the development field for Bitcoin Cash, referring with this to Wormhole, a project sponsored by Bitmain that seeks to add token functionality and smart contracting to Bitcoin Cash.

But he was not happy yet, and then he opened his browser and got to Reddit thread of the article he had answered in Twitter to keep bashing Craig “Faketoshi” Wright, stating that their solution was open source, and saying that he was a false god, so he kept firing his gun until there were no bullets in the barrel.

When there is a social media war like the one we have seen these last days, it seems that a hard fork is not avoidable at this time, and undoubtedly the community will have to choose between the two sides of the coming war: Satoshis Vision proposal led by Craig S Wright, that claims to have an advantage in hashrate, or the side led by Bitmain’s Jihan Wu and programmers like Amaury Sechet.