Bitmain To Sponsor Houston Rockets, Tickets Will be Sold For Bitcoin Cash

Who would have thought it? Years ago cryptocurrencies were a niche item, and whenever you brought them up in conversation people looked at you like a crazy man or “a scammer.” We have come a long way since then; today, even famous people and athletes are proud to be associated with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Antpool employees posing with members of the Houston Rockets

Sources at Bitmain, the most successful cryptocurrency hardware manufacturer that is not going broke anytime soon, have confirmed that the mining titan will sponsor the Houston Rockets NBA team through the company’s Antpool brand for the next NBA season. Yes muchachos, the big bad wolf of mining is lining up to flex its money muscle throwing treys in the Toyota Center next year.

Even more remarkable than the sponsorship deal itself is that the amigos of the board for the Rockets have agreed to be paid in cryptocurrency for tickets for the games, but not just any cryptocurrency: tickets will be purchased in Bitcoin Cash, one of the faster and more secure cryptocurrencies out there. This is a milestone for Bitcoin Cash and cryptocurrency, being the first cryptocurrency to be accepted by an NBA team as payment for tickets.

The partnership announcement comes amidst rumors that Bitmain is on the verge of bankruptcy. Bitmain’s recent launch of a $50 million equity fund to invest in Bitcoin Cash projects, along with the NBA sponsorship, paint a different picture. At this pace, we might soon see Jihan in the court, dunking on his haters like James Harden.