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BitMEX Investigated by CFTC, WEX CEO Arrested, Circle’s Allaire to Lunch with Sun and Buffett

TL;DR: Welcome to In Case You Missed It (ICYMI), a daily crypto news update. BitMEX investigated by CFTC. Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire invite to Justin Sun’s lunch with Warren Buffett. Homeland Security crackdown on dark web dealer. WEX exchange ex-CEO arrested in Italy, and Luno exchange and Ethos wallet add bitcoin cash (BCH) to their respective platforms.

BitMEX Investigated By CFTC

BitMEX investigated

BitMEX investigated by the CFTC might appear routine, but not in the current climate. The US commodities watchdog, the CFTC, has started investigating BitMEX, a popular cryptocurrency exchange that offers 100x leverage to its customers. The investigation is trying to find out if BitMEX broke any US laws when it allowed US residents on their platform, according to an article published by Bloomberg. The exchange does not officially permit US residents and citizens to trade, but some individuals could have sidestepped this measure using VPN software.

Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire to Lunch with Warren Buffett

Jeremy Allaire, CEO of Circle has been invited by Justin Sun, founder of Tron, to be one of the guests that will accompany Sun to dine with the “Oracle of Omaha,” Warren Buffett. He answered and accepted the invitation via his Twitter account. The lunch will be held July 26, and Sun paid more than $4 million dollars for it. More people related to cryptocurrency will be announced in the coming days, according to Sun.

Homeland Security Arrests Dark Web Vendor

BitMEX investigated

Hugh Brian Haney, a dark web vendor on Silk Road has been arrested due to his activities to launder revenues using bitcoin. Haney was linked to a group called Pharmville, dedicated to selling narcotics illegally. He tried to launder his proceedings ($19 million worth of bitcoin), transferring them to a cryptocurrency exchange, and alleging they were products of his own mining activity. Homeland Security seized the funds and apprehended him in Columbus, Ohio.

WEX Exchange Ex-CEO Arrested in Italy


Dmitri Vasilev, Ex-CEO of WEX, an exchange formerly known as BTC-E, has been arrested in Italy. The exchange shut down its doors by freezing withdrawals since July 2018. The exchange was sold, and supposedly the private keys went missing, but registered cold wallets showed movements of funds to Binance.

Luno Exchange to Add Bitcoin Cash

Luno, an international cryptocurrency exchange with presence in Europe and Asia, is adding bitcoin cash to its currency lineup. “We’ve been listening intently to our customers and the wider community. With our finger on the pulse since then, we’ve witnessed more development to give us the confidence to introduce BCH into the Luno ecosystem,” they stated on a blog post. Now customers of the exchange will be able to purchase, hold, sell and use bitcoin cash from the app and the wallet associated with Luno in the coming weeks.

Bitcoin Cash Support Added to Ethos Universal Wallet

Ethos, a startup that offers a cryptocurrency wallet with a “mobile-first” approach, has added bitcoin cash support to their Universal Wallet, a one-size-fits-all software that aims to be the only wallet you’ll need for every currency. Their motivation is that “Bitcoin Cash is seen by some as having the potential to address the scalability concerns associated with Bitcoin, with the intention to spur mass adoption through merchants and payments around the World.”

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