Blockstack Offers to Pay Student Loans, China Blockchain Loyalty Pledge, eToro CopyTrader

TL;DR: Welcome to In Case You Missed It (ICYMI), a daily crypto news update. Blockstack launches “Delete Your Debt”student loan debt payment campaign. China citizens to pledge party loyalty on the blockchain. eToro introduces CopyTrader feature in US. Korean Committee recommends blockchain legal status. AT&T to fight $1.8 million SIM Swap lawsuit, and SPICE-to-USD converter available from CoinGecko.

Blockstack Offers to Pay Student Loan Debt


Blockstack, the decentralized and private ID blockchain, is offering to pay off four students’ loan debt up to $60,000 if they register for a Blockstack ID. The gimmick campaign, named “Delete Your Debt,” seeks to capitalize on growing public awareness of massive US college student loan debt. Each week in November Blockstack will choose a student and pay off whatever debt balance up to $60K.

China Wants Party Members to Pledge Loyalty on Blockchain


The Communist Party of China released a dApp called “Original Intentions Onchain,” that will let party members record their loyalty pledge and store it on a blockchain for anyone to viewt. The dApp is an answer to the pledge made by Xi Jinping, President of China, to “seize the opportunity” of using blockchain as an engine for innovation. The dApp was made by Lingzhu Technology, a Beijing-based blockchain developer, and comes with its own token, OFCoin, whose price skyrocketed with the announcement.

eToro Introduces CopyTrader Feature in the US


eToro, the giant Israel-based social trading company, launched its CopyTrader feature in the US, letting users mimic the trading movements of the top cryptocurrency traders on the network. These traders are then compensated based on the number of followers they have copying their trades. The company has also started a promotional campaign with actor Alec Baldwin.

Korean Committee Vows to Legalize Blockchain

The Korean Presidential Committee on the Fourth Industrial Revolution recommended the government to recognize the importance of blockchain and to build a legal framework around encrypted assets. The Committee declared officials need to “set policy goals to preempt future opportunities,” opening the country to receive and foster blockchain startups. Recent statements from China’s President Xi Jinping have made other countries consider blockchain as an important technology for the future.

AT&T to Fight $1.8 Million Negligence SIM Swap Lawsuit

AT&T, one of the biggest US Telecom carriers, decided to fight a $1.8 Million SIM swap case in court. According to Coindesk, Jim Greer, a spokesman for the company, declared, “It is unfortunate that Mr. Shapiro experienced this, but we dispute his allegations. We look forward to presenting our case in court.” Shapiro, the man who suffered the attack, lost all of his life savings after being SIM swapped while assisting the 2018 Coindesk Consensus Conference. Joel Ortiz, the SIM swapper supposedly involved in this case, was sentenced to 10 years in jail.

SPICE/USD Converter Now on CoinGecko

SPICE, the SLP appreciation token, is getting its own online converter tool on the pricing index CoinGecko. Users who tip and get tipped with SPICE on social networks can convert to US dollars before withdrawal. This is a testament to how SLP tokens are becoming more and more relevant for cryptocurrency markets.

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