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British Tax Authority: Bitcoin Not Money, Argentina Restricts Crypto Purchases, FLEX SLP Token

TL;DR: Welcome to In Case You Missed It (ICYMI), a daily crypto news update. British tax authority considers crypto to not be money. Argentina restricts cryptocurrency purchases. Spice.casa will issue SPICE dividends. XRP Capital founder Michael Arrington says US regulators are “bastards.” FLEX SLP token to get listed on Bitcoin.com exchange, and first SIM swap hack occurs in Venezuela.

British Tax Authority States Crypto is Not Money


Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC), the British tax watchdog, reviewed its taxing guidelines and declared cryptocurrencies are not currency or money. Furthermore, the British service also defined that the cryptocurrency sector is a fast-paced one, and that every new development will be reviewed in a case by case basis, relying on observation rather than in theory.

Argentina Restricts Cryptocurrency Purchases

Argentina keeps getting more and more restrictions from the country’s banking authority in regard to foreign currency purchases. The central bank has restricted the purchase of cryptocurrency assets with dollars using locally issued credit and debit cards. However, according to some reports, this will only spur-on local grey and black markets that have bitcoin and crypto exchange pairs with fiat currency, the Argentinian Peso, using crypto as a bridge to get dollars from international sources.

Spice.casa Will Distribute SPICE Dividends

Spice.casa, the SPICE token-based gambling dice page, announced they will be distributing part of their earnings to all SPICE token holders. The gambling site will move to a higher house bankroll, and will also allow for higher SPICE wagering. The SPICE team has also introduced a fiat ramp using credit or debit cards in partnership with Cryptophyl, the first SLP based cryptocurrency exchange, letting users easily purchase SPICE easily. CoinSpice is not associated with SPICE in any way.

XRP Capital Founder Michael Arrington: US Regulators Are “Bastards”


XRP Capital and TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington spiced up San Francisco Blockchain Week, calling US regulators “bastards” while discussing Ripple. Arrington intercepted an answer from panel colleague and Ripple co-founder Chris Larsen to express his opinions about US regulators. “Because they’re bastards,” he answered to a statement by Larsen, saying they clearly had a different idea of how cryptos perform.

FLEX SLP Token to be Listed on Bitcoin.com Exchange

The SLP token environment and its possibilities keep growing by the day, and now the Bitcoin.com crypto exchange will start trading SLP tokens. The first officially announced token to be listed is FLEX of CoinFLEX, the world’s first physically delivered cryptocurrency futures exchange. Trading will begin this week.

SIM Swap Hack Scheme Arrives in Venezuela


The first SIM swap hack in Venezuela has been registered by a LocalBitcoins merchant. On October 31st the merchant was involved in a normal trade when its counterparty asked to pay with PagoMovil, a mobile payment method that involves knowing the number of the person who will get paid. The counterparty used the number to get a SIM card with the same number and gain control of the victim’s exchange accounts. The SIM was provided by one of the private carriers in Venezuela, Movistar, and it is presumed to be an inside job.

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