BSV Miner Pseudo ID, BitMEX Slams ETH, SEC Chair’s Empty Reception: PoSM

BSV Miner Pseudo ID, BitMEX Slams ETH, SEC Chair's Empty Reception: PoSM

There’s a new Proof for the crypto community, and it’s growing in popularity every day, Proof of Social Media (PoSM). The information battle for hearts and minds is waged on every platform, some honest, some sock. ‘s own Linzerd takes you through the most controversial every week. This week he’s got enraged traders, opinionated bloggers, and crypto shills. Hold on, it’s going to get spicy!

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PoSM: Rory MacDonald Takes of the Gloves

Mixed martial artist Rory MacDonald is making it known which chain he prefers. Shortly after a brutal, devastating loss, it appears MacDonald is rethinking his previous strategy.

Cobra Mocks BTC “Buy the Dip” Mantra

Anonymous crypto personality Cobra is a puzzle. Some say it’s a dude just rolling. Others believe the account is run by several trolls. Whatever the case, it sure is fun to read.

BitMEX Slams ETH Price Drop

Crypto exchange BitMEX head Arthur Hayes got to see, even for a brisk interval of time, how the price of Ethereum bottomed to two digits. He was so excited he dropped profanities about the fact ether was cheaper than your average shoes.

Bitcoin Girl’s Dating Advice

Next up, our dear friend Naomi Brockwell with an anti-statist couple counseling tweet. Brockwell took a popular meme floating around the sphere and gave an anti-government spin close to our hearts. Look for a special episode of Milk, the podcast, with Naomi coming up soon.

Bitmain Furious?

Around the Hash War madness, various accounts became more active and began spreading rumors. One crypto celebrity had enough, and called out the suddenly gossipy account.

BSV and Replay Protection

And that Hash War reorganized the Bitcoin Cash community, with folks taking sides in some not-so-obvious ways. One debate seemed to rage more than others, and that had to do with actions conforming to principles.

TravelbyBit Gives Lightning a Chance

TravelbyBit is an Australian payment gate that lets merchants to be paid in an assortment of cryptocurrencies. Despite this, they have denied supporting Bitcoin Cash out of the box, a strange occurence, considering most of their payment transactions are from Bitcoin Cash. They’re even supporting Lightning Network transactions.

SEC Chair’s Full House

New York’s Consensus Conference 2018 came and went, and it managed to make some news. Some odd tweets happened along the way, however, and this one caught a lot of followers by surprise. Doesn’t seem full to us.

Mow’s New Hat

The twitter mock account Lightning Hat Store advertises a fake store to lampoon Blockstream. Satirically, this time they have designed a good looking cap sporting the Bitcoin SV logo, directed to Samson Mow.

Optimal Miner Pseudo ID

During CoinGeek Week 2018 in London, a new concept was brought forward: Optimal Miner Pseudo ID. We’re not exactly sure how it will work, but the community seems a tad skeptical.

BSV Supporter: "In a perfect world all miners will be known entities. This would greatly increase trust in the system." from btc

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