Wallet Upgrades with Replay Protection, Tool to Claim BSV Wallet Upgrades with Replay Protection, Tool to Claim BSV

Last month, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) entered its scheduled hard fork. It soon turned contentious, resulting in a chain split. Replay protection, it appears, was left to wallet services and exchanges, along with coin splitting applications for BCH users to realize their holding of what’s now called Bitcoin SV (BSV)., a huge mining pool and BTC/BCH wallet provider, announced it is offering replay protection and a tool to extract BSV.  

More Spice: Bitcoin White Paper Webcomic by Comics Legend Scott McCloud Wallet Offers Replay Protection and BSV Extraction Tool, mining pool giant and wallet provider with 1.5 million users, announced it has implemented replay protection and a tool users can employ to extract newly created BSV coins. Wallet Upgrades with Replay Protection, Tool to Claim BSV

“On November 15th 2018, the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network successfully upgraded and adopted new consensus rules,” the announcement read. “This hard fork resulted in a chain split and a new coin: Bitcoin SV (BSV).” The post then gives full step-by-step instructions on how to claim BSV, complete with screenshots.

The scheduled upgrade at the time included “CTOR and other protocol upgrades to improve on-chain scalability, making BCH more suitable to be used as a global, peer-to-peer digital currency. This upgrade also offers new tools for the developer community, to create a strong ecosystem,” explained.

Watch for Scams, and Do Not Try Extraction on Mobile

The company was intimately involved in the hard fork, monitoring, “and as announced, the Wallet paused all BCH transactions, as there is no replay protection on the BSV chain. We re-enabled BCH transactions after adding a built-in replay protection feature in the Wallet,” they detailed. Wallet Upgrades with Replay Protection, Tool to Claim BSV

BCH holders with pre-forked coins “will now be able to claim the same amount of BSV. Please read further down, the precise steps to be able to extract your BSV (1BCH = 1BSV) with our BSV Extraction Tool,” point out. They’re also warning how the extraction tool is “only available on your your computer/laptop browser, do not try this on the mobile app.” The two part process involves tainting users’ coins against replay attacks, sending the full BCH balance back to the user, a mandatory step for safe BSV extraction. The second step involves actual BSV extraction and sending the funds to a requisite wallet.

Those without wallets who want to claim their BSV can use the company’s Import Your External Wallet tool. Lastly, “The prices of BCH and BSV may fluctuate drastically, please evaluate and invest wisely based on your risk tolerance and financial resources. In addition, do not accept or trust any ‘free giveaways’ and stay extra vigilant about impersonators,” the company warned. Wallet Upgrades with Replay Protection, Tool to Claim BSVCONTINUE THE SPICE and check out our piping hot YouTube channel. Our podcast, Milk, might help sooth that crypto burn. Follow CoinSpice on Twitter. Join our Telegram feed to make sure you never miss a post. Drop some BCH at the merch shop — we’ve got some spicy shirts for men and women. Don’t forget to help spread the word about CoinSpice on social media.