11 Year Old BTC Moved; Tokensoft Distributes Blockchain Equity; Coinbase “Remote First” Workers

TL;DR: Welcome to In Case You Missed It (ICYMI), a daily crypto news update. 11 years old mined BTC moves. Tokensoft issues $4 million in equities using blockchain. Coinbase to implement a remote-first work policy. Justin Sun washes his hands of a next STEEM hard fork. Binance announces Travala and TravelbyBit merger, and Bitcoin sentiment on Twitter is at ATH since 2017.

11 Year Old Bitcoin Moved

50 BTC mined almost 11 years ago, just one month after the creation of Bitcoin, were moved recently, according to logs on different block explorers. While some have jumped to conclusions, saying these were mined by Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin, others have criticized this thesis, saying it could be part of the late Hal Finney’s stash. Minor amounts of Bitcoin have been moved onto Coinbase, the US crypto exchange, and others have been transferred to CoinPayments, a crypto payment gateway.

Tokensoft Distributes $4 Million in Equity Through Blockchain


Tokensoft, a tokenization company, issued $4 million of equity to investors using blockchain technology in a seed round that started back in July 2018, co-led by Base10, e.ventures and Coinbase Ventures. Tokensoft shares use ERC-1404, a standard for securities on Ethereum, for compliance and accounting automation purposes. Meltem Demirors, an inventor of the concept, stated that “while many in the industry speak of the benefits of digitizing private capital markets, Tokensoft has actually done this with their own shares.”

Coinbase Will Institute “Remote First” Work Policy


Brian Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase, revealed how after the current coronavirus lockdown, Coinbase will implement a “remote first” work policy. This means they will “offer remote work to all of our employees who want it, while maintaining the ability to work from an office for those who don’t,” according to the company’s announcement. While Armstrong also stated the change would represent a “mindset and behavioral shift,” remote work will let help the company contribute to a world of greater economic freedom.

Justin Sun Washes Hands of Next STEEM Fork

Justin Sun, CEO of TRON, denied his participation in the upcoming fork of STEEM, which would seize $5 million in funds from STEEM witnesses who separated from the chain and found Hive, a STEEM fork. Sun stated via his Twitter account he and Steemit, the STEEM related company he bought earlier this year, were “not involved” in this fork. Despite this, he clarified he was entitled to his own opinions while being sympathetic with current STEEM witness, saying he could “see where they are coming from.”

Binance Announces TravelByBit and Travala Merger


TravelByBit, an Australia-based flight booking service, and Travala, the accommodation agency, will merge into one company, consolidating their offerings under a united platform. The announcement was made by Binance, who backs both companies. With this move, the resulting platform will have the ability to accept cryptocurrency payments for services provided by 2 million hotels and 600 airlines. Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance, stated the new platform will promote “more widespread crypto utility through travel.”

Bitcoin Twitter Sentiment at Highest Levels Since 2017

The sentiment about Bitcoin on Twitter, the most important microblogging platform, is at all-time highs levels since 2017, according to The Tie, a market analysis firm for non-traditional assets. The Tie uses a series of social media-based analytics to determine the possible outcome of the performance of an asset. Part of this could, in fact, could be the direct responsibility of JK Rowling, who caused an enormous amount of traffic on Twitter when she asked about Bitcoin recently.

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