BTC TOP & CoinEx CEOs Join BCH Community During 3.5 Hour Pre-Upgrade AMA Livestream

TL;DR: Reference client implementation Bitcoin ABC hosted a three and a half-hour YouTube livestream ahead of the scheduled Bitcoin Cash (BCH) May 15, 2020 upgrade. The BCH community was out in force in the comments section, asking questions, and was joined by influential mining pool BTC.TOP CEO Jiang Zhuoer and exchange CoinEx CEO Haipo Yang.

BTC TOP & CoinEx CEOs Join BCH Community During AMA Livestream

Australia-based translator Cindy Feng facilitated translation between Mandarin Chinese BCH enthusiasts and their English-speaking counterparts. This became particularly handy as influential mining pool operator Jiang Zhuoer of BTC.TOP and CoinEx exchange and ViaBTC pool CEO Haipo Yang joined the stream.

Prior to Zhuoer and Yang adding to the discussion, panelists included host George Donnelly, business development manager at Bitcoin ABC, lead dev Amaury Séchet, dev Antony Zegers, and former CEO Stefan Rust among others. Rust was keen to talk about his passion for SLP tokens and their promise on the Bitcoin Cash network. And though other technical details were discussed during the first third of the stream, the conversation inevitably circled back to infrastructure funding — a theme Bitcoin ABC has emphasized for quite some time.

At the 1 hour and 5-minute mark, Jiang Zhuoer appeared with Feng, and was immediately asked about his take on protocol funding. Zhuoer in recent months has come into greater prominence within the BCH community due to his authorship of the controversial Infrastructure Funding Plan (IFP) for Bitcoin Cash. Out of the gate, Zhuoer warned about the fate of BCH, urging the project’s protocol funding as being deeply connected to its future much less its goals.

Nobel Prize Satoshi Award

Developers, Zhuoer explained, need not only funding but emotional support. He implied something akin to a Nobel Prize-like arrangement, rewarding developers and projects related to BCH by way of businesses supporting their work. A Nobel Prize would have something like a foundation behind it, allowing various interested donors to appreciate devs monetarily and in terms of prestige — a market-based incentive structure designed to limit drama and undue influence.

(L-R, top to bottom): Donnelly, Séchet, Zegers, Rust

Zhuoer asked for community input and discussion, implying the Nobel Prize “Satoshi Award” was still in its formative stages. At the 1 hour and 25-minute mark, Haipo Yang weighed-in. He began by thanking the ABC team for its work throughout Bitcoin Cash’s history. Yang regretted the current state of ABC’s reputation within the BCH community, however, and openly worried about its standing going forward.

Donnelly assured Bitcoin ABC’s status in the community was “fine,” but brought the discussion back to funding. Donnelly connected ABC to the ultimate plight of BCH. Yang answered by emphasizing decentralization as a fundamental Bitcoin Cash concept but acknowledged ABC as a community leader and how, according to Feng’s translation, ABC should retain its leadership role. He implied decentralization in Bitcoin Cash has become too dogmatic. Yang harkened back to when BCH first forked from BTC in 2017, and wondered aloud what might have happened if Bitmain, one of the largest companies in the crypto world (and a backer of Bitcoin Cash goals), would’ve been allowed to establish a foundation to fund infrastructure development years ago. Perhaps, Yang wondered, BCH would be in a much better position now all around.


Bitcoin Cash

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