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CCN Shuts Down, Retail Giant Target Goes Blockchain, Vancouver Bitcoin ATM Ban

TL;DR: Welcome to In Case You Missed It (ICYMI), a daily crypto news update. Cryptocurrency news site CCN shuts down, blames Google. China launches new censorship attack on western outlets. Bitcoin searched most by developing countries. Retail giant Target works in its own blockchain. Vancouver considering a Bitcoin ATM blanket ban. Coinbase Earn adds stablecoin Dai, and Slovenian retailer Tuš now accepts cryptocurrencies.

CCN Shutting Down Operations, Blames Google


Cryptocurrency news site CCN is closing its doors, according to an article published today. The site was founded way back in 2013, and has faced a considerable drop in its visibility, something they are blaming on Google’s latest June 2019 Core Update. This update changes the way searches index sites, and consequently impacts the number of visits the site received. CCN experienced drops of more than 50% in visits coming from organic searches, lowering its daily revenue by 90%.

China Launches Censorship Attack Against Western News Outlets


On the 30th anniversary of the Tienanmen Square events, the Chinese government has launched a new attack against several western news outlets, according to The Independent, a company directly affected by this event. The Intercept, The Guardian, the Washington Post, HuffPost, NBC News, the Christian Science Monitor, the Toronto Star, and Breitbart News were all blocked by China’s firewall, called the Great Firewall. Charlie Smith, an activist from GreatFire.org, declared this is a “push to sever the link between Chinese citizens and any news source that falls outside of the influence of The [Communist] Party.”

Bitcoin Googled the Most by Developing Countries


A search of the term Bitcoin in Google Trends revealed this bullish period of prices is attracting the attention of developing countries. According published data, the countries most interested in Bitcoin are Nigeria, South Africa and Ghana, all Africa-based developing countries. Bitcoin tends to be most successful in countries with economic freedom limitations and inflation problems, such as Argentina and Venezuela have shown.

Retail Giant Target Working on Own Blockchain


Target, one of the biggest US retailers, is working on its own supply chain management blockchain, CoinDesk reports. The company is now searching for a blockchain engineer, according to its jobs page, probably to accelerate development of this project. Despite listing this job, the company has been secretive about its blockchain endeavors, suggesting they are in the middle of a “broad migration of many mainframe-based systems and middleware products to a modern platform,” without naming blockchain.

Vancouver Considers Bitcoin ATM Blanket Ban


The city of Vancouver is considering a blanket ban on Bitcoin ATMs due to the involvement these machines have in some cases of money laundering. Kennedy Steward, mayor of the city of Vancouver, is the one spearheading an initiative that would outlaw more than 70 Bitcoin ATMs in the city. Authorities are worried about the 3x increase of money laundering cases linked to digital currencies.

Coinbase Earn Adds Dai to Its Coin Roster


Coinbase added Dai to the cryptocurrency roster of its Earn platform. Earn is an initiative that lets users earn cryptocurrency while they watch videos and learn about the innards of every coin. Dai is the first stablecoin added into the platform, and has a different method to maintain its peg. Coinbase expects Earn to be a major factor to drive interest in cryptocurrencies.

Slovenian Retailer Tuš Now Accepts Cryptocurrencies


Tuš, one of the biggest grocery retailers in of all Slovenia, derived from Tuš trading group, is now accepting cryptocurrencies as payment. The retailer partnered with Elipay, a third party cryptocurrency PoS provider to accept cryptocurrencies in 14 major locations. Users will be able to checkout using cryptocurrencies and pay without assistance, using Tuš self-checkout cash registers. Elipay PoS solution supports payments in BTC, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum.

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