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CFTC Blocks LedgerX, Bitcoin.com to Launch Exchange, SPICEtoshi Drops a CoinEx Telegram AMA

TL;DR: Welcome to In Case You Missed It (ICYMI), a daily crypto news update. CFTC backpedals on LedgerX bitcoin futures permission. Bitcoin.com to launch a cryptocurrency exchange. SPICEtoshi gives token updates in a CoinEx AMA. WhatsApp backdoor discussed by intelligence agencies. 85% of the total bitcoin supply already mined. FCA issues guidance on cryptocurrency regulation, and a new Bitcoin Cash Telegram tipping bot is unveiled.

CFTC Did Not Greenlight LedgerX to Offer Bitcoin Futures


Recently, several sources insisted LedgerX was going to be the first exchange to deliver physically-settled bitcoin futures. But according to The Block, this supposed launch did not happen because the CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission) hadn’t approved the clearing of these instruments by the exchange. Paul Chou, CEO of LedgerX, tweeted he would sue the CFTC for “anti-competitive behavior, breach of duty and going against the regs.” As a result of this whole situation, Ryan Gorman, press representative of LedgerX, has reportedly left the company.

SPICEtoshi Drops a CoinEx AMA


The CoinEx Telegram channel recently hosted SPICE token creator, SPICEtoshi, to an Ask Me Anything (AMA) in preparation of the token’s listing on the exchange and being introduced into its Accelerator program. SPICE is an appreciation token to tip for spicy content on different social media. True to form, SPICEtoshi tipped every question answered. The mysterious creator of an increasing popular SLP token on Bitcoin Cash revealed there are three full-time developers in charge of SPICE. SpiceFeed, the aggregator of all the content being tipped around the web, will soon include social features like commenting directly onto the feed, SPICEtoshi insisted. Though eventual exchange listings are important, SPICEtoshi’s main “focus is more on the larger plan, planning out and developing utility,” like working on a SpiceBot for easier distribution through platforms such as Reddit, Discord, and WeChat. A WordPress payment plugin, called SpicePay, is also being developed. SPICE is already available to be purchased on SideShift.ai and Cryptophyl. SPICE token is not connected in any way to CoinSpice.

Bitcoin.com to Launch Bitcoin Cash-Based Exchange


Bitcoin.com announced the launch of a new cryptocurrency exchange slated for September that will have bitcoin cash as a base currency. The exchange will reportedly list more than 50 trading pairs, and it will also feature other important cryptocurrencies such as tether, ethereum, and BTC. Roger Ver, now Executive Chairman of Bitcoin.com, informed BCH SLP tokens, such as SPICE, will also be supported on the new platform. Pre-registrations are already open, and they are giving special incentives to early birds.

Intelligence Agencies Discussing a Possible WhatsApp Backdoor


A two-day meeting between the most important intelligence agencies from all over the world known as the Five Eyes (UK, US, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand), refueled rumors of a possible call for a backdoor in the popular messaging app WhatsApp. Even when the meetings were held in utmost secrecy, reports allege British ministers are concerned about recently added encryption features to WhatsApp. The British GCHQ, the telecom watchdog, suggested the implementation of a “ghost protocol” to add an invisible agent to some conversations before the meeting.

85% of the Total Bitcoin Already Mined

According to block explorers, bitcoin has entered one of its final mining stages: 85% of its limited supply has already been mined (around 17,850,000). Now, there is just a little more than 3 million bitcoin left. However, there is no need to panic, because the bitcoin algorithm makes it more difficult to mine this last batch. According to reports mining will last until the year 2140.

New Telegram TipBCH Bot Unveiled

Bitcoin Cash is back as a tipping option on the popular messaging Telegram network, now that developer DistributedBit released a new bot for this purpose. TipBCH, as it is called, is an on-chain bot that leverages the low fees of the Bitcoin Cash blockchain to distribute tips. It rewards users in Ksats (1,000 BCH satoshis), and adds interesting options like a 50% lottery flip and a rain action that gives a specific amount of BCH to the most active users in a channel.

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