Charlie Lee Responds to Leaked Litecoin Chat, IBM Blockchain Browser Patent, Chainlink Dump?

TL;DR: Welcome to In Case You Missed It (ICYMI), a daily crypto news update. Charlie Lee talks Litecoin dev scandal. IBM files for a blockchain-based browser patent. Chainlink allegedly dumping funds to hire devs. Brave publisher numbers up more than 1,200%. Bitmain accuses Mangocoin of fraudulent use, and Kara system is helping medical investigators and paying patients.

Charlie Lee Talks About Litecoin Leaked Dev Chat

Charlie Lee, the creator of Litecoin, referred to the latest leaked dev chat exposing a lack of development on the project. For the most part, Lee accepts he has been sidetracked on things like bringing Confidential Transactions, and declared he will “shift focus from adoption back to development.” However, he also wrote how Litecoin just needs one developer (Adrian Gallagher AKA thrasher) because devs are “mostly just merging in Bitcoin changes.” The Litecoin Foundation recently opened a wallet address to ask for donations to create a dev fund.

IBM Describes a Blockchain-Based Web Browser in Pending Patent

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IBM filed a patent for a blockchain-based web browser that would collect user info. The browser would package this information comprised of browsing hours, sites, and location, and send the info to a series of nodes that keep the information safe “in the hands of the user.” One of the applications of this tech would be the restoration of the browser state after an attack on a system, to restore the information and determine the cause of the attack.

Chainlink Dumping Own Holdings to Fund Devs

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Chainlink, the cryptocurrency featuring oracle contracts recently been listed on Coinbase, appears to be dumping an enormous amount of their own Chainlink token on Binance to fund more devs. According to TrustNodes, more than $30 million dollars worth of Chainlink have been sold in chunks of $700K, with the market dumping every time this happens. Chainlink responded by insisting they “sincerely appreciate our community’s continued support and understanding as we expand the number of people working on Chainlink.”

Brave Publisher Numbers Increase 1,200%

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Brave, the privacy-focused browser that lets people tip their favorite content providers and also provides rewards for viewing adds, is making heavy advancements in the advertising department. The numbers show there has been explosive growth, with more than 226,700 sites being registered. Brave has larger-content sites like the Washington Post, YouTube creators, and even Twitch streamers, allowing users to earn rewards directly with its Rewards program.

Bitmain Accuses Mangocoin of Fraudulent Use

Bitmain, the biggest cryptocurrency mining manufacturer, warned they have nothing to do with Mangocoin, a cryptocurrency using their brand to promote a product called the “Bitmain Cloud Miner.” In a blog post, Bitmain clarified they had nothing to do with Mangocoin or with the “Bitmain Cloud Miner” advertised. Bitmain also pointed out they will “resolutely adopt legal means to protect ourselves and our customers’ rights and interests.”

Kara os Helping Medical Researchers and Paying Patients

A new system called Kara, currently in its early trial stages, uses a blockchain-based system to train AIs with tracking patient medical records. Records are stored in the blockchain using a technique called differential privacy that allows for limited access to the sensitive parts of such records. Patients are also rewarded for their data.

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