Chase Bank Continues to Close Political Dissident Accounts, Media Complicit

Chase Bank Continues to Close Political Dissident Accounts, Media Complicit

TL;DR: Big League Politics continues to document ongoing financial censorship by leading commercial and consumer financial banking outlet Chase Bank. The bank appears to, for now, single out voices and celebrities on the political Right, shutting down accounts without a formal reason. As easily predicted, philosophical fellow travelers and those sympathetic to such views are raising concern, but mainstream media are not reporting the story. The phenomenon is a fascinating look at the implications of cartels, their connections to corporate, above ground news, and the growing use-case for permissionless, peer-to-peer, censorship-resistant cash.    

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Chase Bank Continues to Close Political Dissident Accounts, Media Complicit

What started as a lark, a joke, and quickly became a drinking club, morphing into a street-fighting reactionary group, is now known as Proud Boys. In the United States, they are a tiny slice of a growing tribal, segmented political sphere, cast in opposition to violent progressive protests led by Anti-Fascists (Antifa).

Chase Bank Continues to Close Political Dissident Accounts, Media Complicit
Proud Boys

Proud Boys soon were Instagram and YouTube mini-celebrities, shown often defending against blatant attacks by masked Antifa members who insisted Proud Boys represented the worst Right-leaning elements, neo-Nazis. For the average viewer, it was difficult to pick out the good guys from bad, as both extreme poles of political opinion, Antifa and Proud Boys, were beyond what most would consider mainstream.

It seemed to come down to already-held bias: if you’re progressive-oriented, permissive in your social views, you were pretty likely to see Antifa as victims in a scrap; should you be conservative, lean religious, you were just as sure to view Proud Boys as something of a breath of fresh air.

Guardians of the Mainstream

What careful analysis reveals is how giant corporations are largely guardians of the mainstream. Wherever it considers the majority, that’s where they can be found. For example, in the 1950s, giants were often in cahoots against considered radicals for that time, Civil Rights activists. Groups along those lines had precious little access to capital or funding in any way we’d understand today, coordinated and on purpose, extending even to mortgages with redlining censorship.

Chase Bank Continues to Close Political Dissident Accounts, Media Complicit

No conspiracy is necessary, really. Today, the mainstream has flipped toward more progressive tastes. And so, if the theory holds, giant corporations should be less interventionist or antagonistic toward progressive elements, be they in areas of favorable media coverage, social media access, or even finance; and, conversely, giant corporations should be hostile to conservatives in all of the aforementioned circumstances.

For sure, there’s plenty to consider as to who or what determines “mainstream,” whether giants are directors or reflectors, but for now the above theory seems to make sense. And in recent weeks Chase Bank has ramped-up efforts to deny financial services to those associated with groups like Proud Boys, following social media deplatforming, and across-the-board media condemnation.


“Enrique Tarrio, who is the Chairman of the Proud Boys fraternal organization, had his personal Chase bank account shut down abruptly earlier this week,” Big League Politics confirmed. “In a letter obtained exclusively by Big League Politics, the bank informs him that he must shut down all of his accounts by April 1st, 2019, without giving a reason.”

Chase Bank Continues to Close Political Dissident Accounts, Media Complicit
Enrique Tarrio

Chase’s reach is considerable. With over $2 trillion (yes, trillion) in total assets, thousands of retail branches and ATMs, a quarter million employees, and tentacles in at least 100 countries, getting shut down by the behemoth could be tantamount to a kind of financial death.

Tarrio’s website, associated with Chase Paymentech, was also closed. Media outlets such as The Daily Beast profiled him and others just prior, and so connections are being made between coverage and closures. He also revealed bans from a dozen social platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Airbnb, FirstData, Square, Stripe, and PayPal.

Have You Checked Out Bitcoin, Joe?

Big League Politics also reported yet another Chase Bank takedown of a similar nature, and once again no reason was given. Right wing activist Joe Biggs, in yet another example, took to Twitter recently, announcing, “Chase bank just closed out my account!” to which he was asked about using cryptocurrency. Biggs responded less than enthusiastically.

Progressive, independent analyst Tim Pool documented the connection (above) between corporate banking giants and media censorship. Pool even went so far as to wonder aloud why it is what he calls the Left is refusing to understand dangerous precedence are being established. It just so happens the tide has turned against Right-leaning personalities and groups, but that could occur the other way as well. Indeed, CoinSpice documented as much with The Anti-Media not so long ago.

The trend is undeniable, and entire social media platforms, like Gab, have taken to cryptocurrency as a refuge (though exchanges can and will deplatform). Part of the answer, regardless of political worldview, in an effort to preserve freer speech and the marketplace of ideas deemed controversial, is for groups to begin adopting aggressive use of crypto such as bitcoin cash (BCH). With low transaction fees, support among major exchanges and wallet providers, payment platforms like BitPay and, BCH is a natural choice in the fight for censorship resistance both in terms of ideas and finance. And as the chain expands in capacity, it’s also a great way to create newer forms of social media. BCH isn’t controlled by a bank or corporation, and those who use it cannot be deplatformed at all, much less as a result of unpopular opinions.

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