Checkpointing Fuzziness, Correcting the Record

Checkpointing Fuzziness, Correcting the Record

The incredibly asinine world of crypto, a space working extremely hard to alienate and push away as many interested people as humanly possible, is rife with horrible media, awful pundits, shills, sock puppets. My goal at is to never fall into that category, to keep it spicy but still maintain an openness to criticism and better ideas. It has been a fantastic year (all two months of it for me) for our new pirate ship, and we accomplished a lot in a short amount of time. It’s also good to admit when I publish something less than clear. 

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Checkpointing, Fingerpointing

What goes out onto the platform ends with me. If you don’t like something, find it objectionable, in poor taste, and especially if it’s just wrong, I am the one to blame. No one else.

I ran the popular column ICYMI, and it seemed to imply BSV, as in the coin itself, had checkpoints, a real bone of contention post hard fork. I won’t get into the entire thing, but Bitcoin Cash’s scheduled upgrade for 15 November 2018 turned into a contentious hard fork and eventual chain split.

A new coin (they’ll say original coin) was created, and with it rivalries were realigned and reformed. The Bitcoin SV (BSV) coin promised a return to proponents’ divining of Satoshi’s vision (SV), a concept based upon the pseudonymous author and the vaunted Bitcoin White Paper. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) retained its development teams, minus those who migrated to BSV, the ticker, and promised to develop the protocol ahead of increasing block size.

BSV Does Not Have Checkpoints

BSV does not have checkpoints. It occurs, rather, on a token solution associated, a private concern, and doesn’t impact the SV protocol per se. I should have made that clear. I didn’t, and BSV enthusiasts pointed out the fuzziness which could lead a reader to think something was done that wasn’t.

Checkpointing Fuzziness, Correcting the Record

I still like the debate about checkpoints and what they mean. I enjoy reading and hearing perspectives on the difference between tinkering and innovation. I’ll continue to run articles and columns with content critical of BSV, when warranted, but they have to get basic facts correct, less slippery, at a minimum.

Controversy is not going to subside. There’s money at risk, and lots of folks have skin in the game … expect things to sometimes get shitty. And while controversy for its own sake isn’t my particular focus, I won’t shy away from it either. The curation will be what it is, and readers, listeners, viewers will have to decide their respective value.

Two Months of Sorting Things

Look for the above clarification not to be accepted. It will be further evidence of some dastardly plot, and absolutely no understanding at all is going to be thrown CoinSpice’s way. Weird partisans cannot bring themselves anywhere close to allow for anything inadvertent. It was done on purpose, and for ill. There’s almost no point in correcting the record, in terms of credit, but it’s important to me.

Checkpointing Fuzziness, Correcting the Record

It’s part of running a news org, and especially one with a point of view. I’ve been hounded by BitConnect clowns, for example, back when I exposed them for being a scam at the height of their power (at another news site). They tried tracking down my family’s social media accounts. They bothered associates. Trust and believe I dispatch of trolls. Takes them a second to learn they’ve messed with the exact wrong person. Been there, done that.

I keep coming back, however, to the only thing that matters: the body of work. Over time at my tenure here, once I get my sea legs, will give readers a better sense of my perspective on the space, projects I value, personalities I find worthless, and if what’s produced at CoinSpice while under my wing means much. We managed to dramatically increase traffic and impressions, establish a podcast filled with great guests, put out killer video content, helped to produce a beautiful teaching webcomic, and made crypto history (our Hash War livestream alone is considered legendary). We haven’t even broken a sweat.

Thanks for reading, listening, watching, commenting, keeping me honest, and I hope all you filthy animals, you crypto savages, enjoy the holiday season and new year.

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