Coinbase, Brian Armstrong Faked Bitcoin Cash Video Would be a Clickbait Headline

TL;DR: BTC maximalists jumped on a recent video posted by Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong. It was a demonstration using Bitcoin Cash (BCH) during a popup donut shop, accepting crypto. “Doing more user testing important to improve usability,” Armstrong tweeted. The video has since become something of a Zapruder film controversy among BCH and Coinbase haters. They claim it was doctored, edited, to show BCH is faster than reasonable. Video director Collin Enstad investigated their worries, and shared his results.

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Coinbase, Brian Armstrong Faked Bitcoin Cash Video, According to BTC Maxis

“There was a very obvious edit in there. And while everyone is building on LN, Coinbase is still using old tech,” crypto personality WhalePanda observed, inadvertently referring to Bitcoin, then, as ‘old tech.’

Supporters chimed in, “It shows how good LN is becoming when they make up a video to try and copy the experience,” one insisted. Another chastised, “it’s obvious for anyone, that is not downright biased to the point of lying and deceiving his followers. You should keep that in mind and how few people actually care for such a blatant truth jumping in their face. This explanation video shouldn’t have been made.”

Enstad seems to relish taking apart the video, getting into the nitty and the gritty. He painstakingly dissects it, showing how confusion could have happened. He acknowledged how Coinbase and BCH have been linked together in the odd machinations of BTC maximalists, and he then proceeds to take their claims frame-by-frame.

Coinbase, Brian Armstrong Faked Bitcoin Cash Video Would be a Clickbait Headline

It’s an interesting time for the crypto space, and bear markets tend to have this kind of impact: folks turn on one another either out of anger or simple boredom, and this appears to be a combination.

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