Coinbase Injects $1.1 Million in DeFi; Binance Launches Mining Pool; SPICE Profiled in Mini-Doc

TL;DR: Welcome to In Case You Missed It (ICYMI), a daily crypto news update. Coinbase injects $1.1 million in DeFi projects. Binance to launch mining pool business. SPICE token profiled by Coin 4 Clothes uses donations to help the homeless in Toronto. Botnet hijacks MS SQL servers to mine cryptocurrencies, and Russian rapper gets arrested for crypto money laundering. 

Coinbase Injects $1.1 Million in DeFi Apps


Coinbase, one of the most important US-based exchanges, announced the injection of $1.1 million worth of USDC to DeFi projects through their USDC Bootstrap fund, a smart contract investment initiative. Coinbase decided to invest in two popular DeFi Apps: PoolTogether, a savings lottery app, and Uniswap, a decentralized Ethereum exchange. Uniswap will receive 1 million USDC to fund their USDC/Ethereum pair, providing more liquidity to trading, while PoolTogether will also add 100,000 USDC to the reward pool for those using the DeFi app.

Binance Launches Their First Mining Pool

Binance announced it is launching a mining pool business that will be added to their current lineup of services. The announcement was made by Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao on Twitter, showing a livestream. According to Coinlife, Binance hired specialists formerly employed by other mining firms like Bitmain. The mining pool will launch during Q2 of this year, and it will follow the steps of other exchanges like Huobi and OKEx who already mine to add liquidity to their trading platforms.

SPICE Profiled by

SPICE, the first commercially successful SLP token, has been profiled in a mini-documentary released by In the video, the whole history of SPICE and its evolution from being just a token to express gratitude to a complete environment that encompasses Telegram gaming bots, a gambling platform called, and even a Facebook-like social feed (SpiceFeed), are all featured. The documentary takes opinions from industry-related people on the future of SPICE and the SLP environment, and the utility tokens like SPICE can provide.

Coins 4 Clothes Uses Donations to Help Homeless People in Toronto


Coins 4 Clothes, the BCH charity organization, destined all of its funds to start supporting homeless people directly, according to an article published on Members of the charity bought essential items like toothbrushes and prepared sandwiches that were delivered to people on the streets experiencing troubled times due to the coronavirus pandemic. The campaign (called Life Over Death) will deliver clothes and food for 40+ people this weekend bought with BCH donations from all over the world.

Botnet Hijacking Microsoft DB Servers to Mine Crypto


A very aggressive botnet has been hijacking Microsoft SQL servers all around the world to mine cryptocurrencies, according to security firm Guardicore. The botnet (named Vollgar) uses different brute force attacks to secure the access to MS SQL machines and then prompts them to download malware to mine Monero and Vollar, two cryptocurrencies. The botnet has been around since 2018, and has managed to infect 3,000 machines daily from different sectors like IT, aviation, healthcare, and telecommunications.

Russian Rapper Arrested for Crypto Money Laundering

The FBI arrested Maksim Boiko, a Russian citizen, for his involvement in money laundering activities with cryptocurrencies through BCT-e, a defunct exchange. Boiko, who allegedly conspired with international crime organization QQAAZZ, failed to justify the origin of $20,000 during his entrance to the US in January. The man was eventually linked to the illegal activities by his rapper name (Plinofficial). The FBI used Instagram pics of him with wads of cash as evidence, declaring it was “inconsistent with the practices of a legitimate business operation.”

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