CoinSpice Show #1 Debuts on YouTube: Hayden Otto, Corentin Mercier Host New Crypto Program

TL;DR: The CoinSpice Show #1 made its debut 4 May 2019. Hosts Executive Editor Hayden Otto and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) developer Corentin Mercier discuss what it’s like using and living on a peer-to-peer digital money in the real world. They also detail future content ideas for the show, along with technical developments, in what’s hoped to be appointment viewing for enthusiasts.  

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CoinSpice Show #1 Debuts on YouTube

Only a day’s notice, CoinSpice Executive Editor Hayden Otto asked BCH dev Corentin Mercier make the trek from Malaysia to North Queensland, Australia for the pair’s taping of the inaugural CoinSpice Show. Otto is a familiar face to the crypto community, and his video work has often earned high praise. He’s traveled all over the world, documenting hackathons and crypto life as it relates to adoption and usage. Mercier is also well-known in the space, but more for his behind-the-scenes acumen. He was chosen to co-host with Otto for that technical expertise, having contributed to major websites such as, for example.

Plans are in the works to expand the show as the men work remotely on various projects, patching a show together regularly with guests, topical controversies, market analysis, technical talk, and adoption news.

CoinSpice Show #1 Debuts on YouTube: Hayden Otto, Corentin Mercier Host New Crypto Program

In their first on camera recording together as co-hosts, they openly marvel at the ease of travel while using BCH. In what’s quickly becoming yet another use case, the increasing number of international travelers from all over the world tire of changing in and out of currencies. Not only can it be a mathematical headache trying to stay on top of exchange rates, but the mere getting in and out of different fiat usually is accompanied by fees, fees, and more fees. For Mercier and Otto, none of that matters much due to their employing BCH along the way. And in a taste of what is to come, Mercier also details the various software development happening and how much of it relates to the future of BCH.

DISCLOSURE: The author holds cryptocurrency as part of his financial portfolio, including BCH. 

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