CoinText’s Vin Armani Can Code, Make Money, Steal Your Lady

CoinText's Vin Armani Can Code, Make Money, Steal Your Lady

Vin Armani was my guest on this episode of Milk, Soothing Crypto’s Burn, the flagship podcast for CoinSpice. He is a unicorn. He can code. He is a businessman. He’s also a ladies’ man. If all of that wasn’t enough, he’s also one of the nicest guys in the ecosystem. Easy laugh. Generous with his time. He was kind enough to sit down and talk about Satoshi, CoinText, and his move to New Hampshire. Don’t let your girlfriend listen to this. I warned you. Here are this episode’s show notes. 

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Vin Armani Knows Satoshi’s True Identity

“Does Crypto Twitter Prove The Identity Of Satoshi?” is the title of Vin’s article in his newsletter, Countermarkets. I personally enjoy the debate about Satoshi’s identity, and Armani’s deep dive here is well worth reading. 

CoinText's Vin Armani Can Code, Make Money, Steal Your Lady

As he reveals in this episode of Milk, Vin Armani: I Know Satoshi Nakamoto’s True Identity, “There’s no reason to bury the lead: Hal Finney was Satoshi Nakamoto. I’ve been sure of Satoshi’s identity for some time and I have struggled with sharing the evidence and analysis that brought me to this conclusion. I’ve chosen to share some (but far from all) of the results of my investigation in​ Counter Markets because I know that our readership has the sophistication to appreciate the significance of the story.” I think you’re going to be impressed by his arguments both in print and during our conversation.

Jeffrey Tucker wrote a very provoking response for his Forbes column.

CoinText Could be the Sleeper Platform to Bring the World BCH

Vin’s founding of CoinText, I believe, is simply an amazing turn of events for future adoption. No pesky wallet. No exchange interface. No on-boarding. Just simple, beautiful SMS. Who knows what ultimately becomes of all this, but I think it to be something like a key to emerging markets picking up digital cash. 

In any event, thanks for listening. 

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