ConsenSys Launches DeFi Compliance Service; Crypto P2P Trading Soars; 2,000 Coke Machines Accept BTC


TL;DR: Welcome to In Case You Missed It (ICYMI), a daily crypto news update. ConsenSys launches DeFi compliance service. Cryptocurrency P2P trading soared last week. 2,000 Coca-Cola vending machines in Australia and New Zealand now take BTC. A third of institutional investors hold cryptocurrencies, according to Fidelity, and Alchemy launches notification services for blockchain apps.

ConsenSys Launches DeFi Compliance Service


Consensys, the Ethereum software company, is launching a product focused to provide compliance services for Ethereum-based tokens. The service will focus on DeFi companies and exchanges, and will be able to scrutinize transactions for more than 280,000 various tokens issued on top of Ethereum. “What we are trying to do is make activity on the decentralized financial infrastructure much more safe, transparent, much easier to trace,” declared ConsenSys executive Lex Sokolin. DeFi apps recently reached a locked value of $1 billion.

Cryptocurrency P2P Trading Soared Last Week

Matt Ahlborg from Useful Tulips, a cryptocurrency market analysis site, said the P2P market experienced a “truly tectonic week” all over the world, setting new records this year. Paxful was the biggest winner, beating LocalBitcoins in trading volumes for the first time ever. This rise has been fueled by the growth of some markets in Africa that established new trading records in countries like Nigeria, Ghana, and Kenya. Argentina also registered a rise that almost broke its trading record. India registered $3 million in trading volumes.

2,000 Coca-Cola Vending Machines Now Accept Bitcoin


2,000 Coca-Cola vending machines located in New Zealand and Australia are taking BTC payments, after Amatil, the biggest bottler and distributor of APAC markets, partnered with Centrapay, a digital asset integrator. Now, users of these machines will be able to pay for their drinks using Sylo Smart Wallet which will allow them to scan a payment code in each vending machine to pay for their drinks. “We’ve established a presence in North America and will be targeting the US market next,” said Centrapay CEO Jerome Faury.

Fidelity: A Third of Big Institutions Own Crypto


Fidelity Digital Assets, the cryptocurrency branch of Fidelity, found a third of the large institutional investors hold cryptocurrencies. The survey found 45% of the surveyed investors in Europe owned cryptocurrencies, compared to only 27% in the US. The preferred asset to invest was bitcoin, followed by ether in second place. Tom Jessop, president of Fidelity, stated Europe was “perhaps more supportive and accommodating,” compared to the US, because of the negative interest rates of many countries in the region.

Alchemy Reveals Notification System for DeFi Apps

Alchemy, the most used blockchain programming platform, unveiled a new product for DeFi developers: Alchemy Notify. Alchemy Notify tries to solve showing notifications for transactions and actions, one of the biggest hurdles in blockchain apps. Alchemy notifications will help blockchain apps to be more informative and responsive for users, who will be informed about important events on their apps without having to poll for news. Alchemy is used by 70% of DeFi apps like Maker, MyEtherWallet, Dharma, and Kyber.

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