Cowboy Tyler Lindholm is Quietly Turning Wyoming into a US Crypto Mecca

TL;DR: Wyoming House Representative Tyler Lindholm is quietly leading a cryptocurrency and blockchain revolution. He and a coalition of private interests have taken it upon themselves to make the state as friendly as possible to our nascent industry, helping to write favorable legislation in hopes of presenting Wyoming as impossible to resist. He joins the CoinSpice podcast to talk about the incredible progress there, happening now. This episode is available embedded in the article below, and on YouTubeiTunesSpotifyGoogle PodcastsStitcherRadio PublicBreakerPocketCastsPodBean, and Overcast.

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Tyler Lindholm is Quietly Turning Wyoming into a US Crypto Mecca

BitLicense, regulation, and the lure of institutional investment is all the rage in crypto circles. States like New York have a first mover, legacy advantage — literally the world’s finance flows through it. Therefore, it can pass odious legislation to at once protect financial incumbents (who also wield lawmaking power) and punish startups.

Wyoming aped that strategy at first too. It was once known as crazily inhospitable to crypto, and probably due to all the horrible headlines making rounds back then — keep that crap out of our state. Money transmitting laws, etc., were connected to blockchain, and the state boxed itself-in without an advantage comparatively.

Cowboy Tyler Lindholm is Quietly Turning Wyoming into a US Crypto Mecca
Tyler Lindholm

Enter Tyler Lindholm who, along with Wall Street veteran and crypto advocate Caitlin Long and the Wyoming Blockchain Coalition, began to turn an ugly tide in his state. Lindholm is young for politics, 35, and a rancher. He brings both that dirty-nail grit credibility and a youthful penchant for permissionless money, and it seems to be working.

This was a fun episode to record, and should be a hoot to listen all the way through. We discuss the cultural differences between a go-go state such as California, a tech supernova, and the entrepreneurial landscape of Wyoming. Lindholm is candid, funny, and describes the pitfalls of trying to bring revolutionary pro-crypto legislation along. We also talk about his personal philosophy, how he found crypto back in 2012-ish during the Ron Paul forum days. He’s an example of what can be done, and maybe why Wyoming should be a serious consideration for blockchain and cryptocurrency businesses.



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