Crypto Artist Sneaks Into Scotland’s National Portrait Gallery

Crypto Artist Sneaks Into Scotland's National Portrait Gallery

It’s a fantastic story, loads of fun to hear. Trevor Jones is an augmented reality turned crypto artist. Frustrated by being officially ignored, he and some mates snuck into the Scottish National Portrait Gallery and made their own exhibit featuring cryptocurrency themes.

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Crypto Artist Disrupts Stuffy National Portrait Gallery

Milk host C. Edward Kelso is a huge fan of Trevor Jones’ work, and it comes across in this episode. The two discuss Jones’ pieces and how they were created, from the iconic portrait of John McAfee, to the crazy great painting of Vitalik Buterin.

Crypto Artist Sneaks Into Scotland's National Portrait Gallery

Jones also goes into to detail about how his art has been received by the stuffy and notoriously conservative art world. That alone makes for a pretty wonderful episode.

Trevor Jones is Changing How We Look at Art

What if art, such as paintings, could be a bit more dynamic, more interactive and forward in its presentation? Those are the underlying questions Jones attempts to answer through his work, nearly all of it of late crypto-related and themed.

He discusses why he chose to use the Financial Times classic news paper layout as the background for two popular portraits, McAfee an Dorian Nakamoto. Listeners will also learn about the coincidence that happened as a result, and what at least one of the subjects thought of Jones’ interpretation.

Crypto Artist Sneaks Into Scotland's National Portrait Gallery

All that, and Jones also takes us through his personal roller coaster journey with crypto during the boom year of 2017. Don’t miss this.

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