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Bitfinex Fooled by Crypto Capital, Twitter CEO Loves Bitcoin, Buy SLP Tokens with Credit Cards

TL;DR: Welcome to In Case You Missed It (ICYMI), a daily crypto news update. Bitfinex claims to have been fooled Crypto Capital. Jack Dorsey states bitcoin is the internet’s national currency. Cryptophyl now allows SLP token purchases with credit cards. AT&T is being sued for another SIM Swap attack. Grayscale issues informative Zcash primer, and Binance Futures sees $1 billion trading volume daily.

Bitfinex Claims to Have Been Fooled by Crypto Capital

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Crypto Capital, the alleged shadow bank that held money for several exchanges and whose president is being held by Polish authorities under money laundering charges, tricked Bitfinex to believe they were a law-abiding company. Bitfinex declared Crypto Capital “regularly referred to its integrity, banking expertise, robust compliance programme and financial licenses,” further clarifying “any suggestion that Crypto Capital laundered drug proceeds or any other illicit funds at the behest of Bitfinex or its customers is categorically false.”

Jack Dorsey Believes Bitcoin is the Internet’s National Currency

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Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO, declared he believes bitcoin is a sort of national currency for the internet, during a Twitter News Summit in New York. Dorsey, who is also co-founder of Square, affirmed, “I think the Internet is somewhat of an emerging nation-state in almost every way. It almost has a currency now in the form of cryptocurrency and bitcoin.” At another point, he was asked if Twitter will be willing to be a part of the Libra Association, companies backing Facebook’s initiative. He answered, “Hell no.”

Cryptophyl Partners MoonPay to Allow SLP Token Purchases with Credit Cards

Cryptophyl, the first SLP cryptocurrency exchange, announced a partnership with MoonPay, a fiat-to-crypto onramp, to list SPICE token as a supported currency for purchases. Now users of the service will be able to buy SPICE token using debit or credit cards, allowing users to another choice in how they buy crypto (3.99% fee applies). This is the first fiat onramp for an SLP token, easing the entrance of interested parties to crypto without having to hop on from other cryptocurrencies necessarily.

AT&T Sued for Another SIM Swap Crypto Theft

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Seth Shapiro of Torrance, California, is suing AT&T for more than $1.8 million in damages after his phone was SIM Swapped and he lost control of his cryptocurrency accounts. According to the lawsuit, Robert Jack and Jarratt White, two AT&T employees, were paid to access Shapiro’s record and make the swap, receiving $4,300 as payment for this service. This is not the only SIM swap high profile case AT&T has been involved in. Investor Michael Terpin, was also a victim of a SIM swap for millions in losses.

Grayscale Issues Zcash Primer

Grayscale, one of the biggest cryptocurrency investment funds, issued a primer explaining  Zcash, a privacy-oriented cryptocurrency. The introduction to Zcash, as a part of their Building Blocks series, notes “Zcash Project sought to expand upon Bitcoin… features concentrate on safeguarding financial privacy and other network upgrades.” The complete primer is available for download freely from their website here.

Binance Futures Trading Volumes Beat $1 Billion Daily

Binance reported a milestone in their futures contract trading volumes, passing $1 billion dollars in just a day. The surge surely was the result of investors reacting to the price rise that drove bitcoin. The all-time high numbers come before Binance announced a rise in leverage numbers, taking maximum leverage levels to 125x, trumping speculative rival Bitfinex.

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