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CRYPTO DEV DIGEST: BCH, ETH, BTC Smart Contracts; Massive CashFusion Tx, Satochip Wallet in the Wild

TL;DR: Crypto Dev Digest (CDD) documents cryptocurrency development, highlighting the projects and persons working under the hood. CashScript author Rosco Kalis dishes out a comprehensive guide to smart contracts across three platforms. Bitcoin Cash developers meet. The first SLP token dev meeting is in the books. CashFusion is coming along nicely. Grin newsletter is published, and so much more in this digest!

Smart Contracts on Ethereum, BTC and Bitcoin Cash

Developer Rosco Kalis recently examined the specter of smart contracts on Ethereum, BTC, and Bitcoin Cash. Kalis is well-known in the Bitcoin Cash community for his recent work in this area as the author of CashScript, and so his lengthy blog post on the subject is mandatory reading for those wishing greater literacy.

New Bitcoin Cash opcodes re-enabled in May 2018

“Every cryptocurrency has trade-offs in its smart contract systems,” he explained. “Ethereum is the most used smart contract platform with the most extensive functionality. Bitcoin offers a more rudimentary version of smart contracts through its stateless scripting system. This stateless system is more efficient to validate, but offers less functionality. Bitcoin Cash builds on the same foundations as Bitcoin, but has added new functionality. This attempts to achieve a compromise between efficient validation and useful smart contracts. In the end, all are building towards similar goals.”

He concedes his thoughts are anchored firmly in this particular time and point in development history, and so must reflect “the current state of the platforms. Cryptocurrency is a fast-paced field, so the people involved with these platforms are always working on improvements that may change the outlook of the ecosystem,” Kalis stressed.

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Smart Contracts

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